Would you buy 4K TV Now

  Ex plorer 14:39 12 Nov 2013

It seems that we are always buying something Ready TVs.

Digital Ready we only went Digital this year in my area.

HD Ready that's still not available where I live

4K TVs from what I read if you dont have good sight you wont see the difference between HD and 4K.

The siting distance from a 4K screen is about the same size of the screen so a 60inche screen you need to be sat 60inche or less away to fully benefit 4K.

There is no content yet available to get the full benefit from 4K so is this just a sales hype for now to get the price of 4K TVs down.

  mole1944 15:12 12 Nov 2013

nope and neither did I buy 3D,only the gullable would fall for such nonsense

  spuds 15:21 12 Nov 2013

I was in PCW/Currys the other day, looking at their range of televisions, including their 3D on working display. I was not alone watching the demonstration, and by all accords most of us were in favour of the 3D demonstration present.

What I did notice, was the very low price of Plasma big screen televisions, PCW/Currys had on display.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:57 12 Nov 2013

With the current high prices and the near complete lack of content, from any source, you would have to be a mug to buy a 4K television at the moment.

  mole1944 05:26 13 Nov 2013

Colour was brought out for the coronation if my memory serves me right, i also have a distance memory of colour transmissions over the old 405UHF black and white tv system, that's pre 625 in fact we had a dual band set.

  BT 08:06 13 Nov 2013

Don't buy one yet. Wait until I buy one then they will halve in price a couple of weeks later, its the story of my life.

Seriously though it hardly seems worth it until there's enough content to make it worthwhile. 3D is also hardly worth the bother with all the limitations of viewpoint, glasses etc., even the BBC have virtually given up on it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:02 13 Nov 2013

"Yep. I bet you all said the same about colour TV."

No but, can you think of a good reason to buy one now when, as I said before, there is no content available and prices are very high, rather than wait a couple of years, until prices drop and there may be content available?

Most people can't afford to waste large amounts of money, just to be early adopters.

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