Would like some advice on choosing PC

  Prower 15:57 30 Jan 2006

I'm looking to buy a new PC, but have had trouble picking through the makes and specifications to find the ideal make and model. I had thought to go with a custom-built one, as my current machine is, but have decided I don't have the time and patience to go through that again. What I need is:

A machine that can multitask VERY effectively, and with reasonably heavy applications (I tend to have Photoshop, Flash, FreeHand, web applications etc all running simultanously, and will be using much larger programs in future).

A machine that can run graphics-heavy programs/games/etc without slow-down or falling out of sync.

A lot of harddrive space.

Basically, I am a student progressing to University in September to study videogame design, and want to know what the best PC would be to support the types of applications I will be using. I have an idea of the minimum specs I will need, but I have no idea which makes/models to trust. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  rmcqua 15:59 30 Jan 2006

Depends very much on your budget?

  Prower 16:02 30 Jan 2006

My bad, I meant to say. Money is not TOO much of an issue. I think £2,000 would be the most I'd be willing to pay.

  rmcqua 22:29 30 Jan 2006

Try looking at the spec. for the best one of these 3, matched with a monitor of your choice. Pretty impressive! click here

  Prower 22:34 30 Jan 2006

I agree, it looks like it could be a powerful and suitable machine... Do you have any experience with a similar model, or at least with that company/make?

  Dellman 12:55 01 Feb 2006

Have you tried MESH?

  Prower 12:57 01 Feb 2006

Yeah, I talked to Mesh yesterday actually. They suggested the Matrix Titan X-Fi (which came 1st in PC Advisor's Power PC chart, if I recall right). So, I'm looking at that as a possibility too.

Any personal experience with them?

  Dellman 13:12 01 Feb 2006

I bought 2 PCs about 18 months ago.....they're both still going strong. The sales/after sales service was fine. Any questions/ issues resolved within 24hours (email tends to be better than phone).

Davey (Whyte??) one of their back office (technical??) team monitors this forum and is a good point of contact if you have any queries/questions.

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