Would this be legal???

  muscic lover 17:44 07 May 2005

I have just bought a new lap top PC. And have got windows XP and Norton Internet Security on disk with the machine.... NOT bundled with it but bought at the same time (the Lap top is to be the recipient of these wonderful programmes).The Laptop has no Operating system at the Moment. (and the battery is charging up as we speak!!)

What i need to know is... can i legally load these onto my desktop PC and use them on that as well?? Or should i buy them again to use on my desktop PC?

Any ideas? thanks in advance!!!

You guys have been great in helping in the past too!

  freaky 18:24 07 May 2005

I am fairly certain that you could load Norton Internet Security onto both machines without any problem. Regarding XP, then you may have a problem when you validate with Microsoft on the 2nd PC!!

  Noldi 18:29 07 May 2005

I believe and I could be wrong, Software is like a book 2 people cant read it at the same time. If the software needs the CD in the drive to run then I would think it is probably legal to have on 2 machines because only the person with the CD can work with that program?. I would not believe it to be legal regarding Opperating systems etc unless you have a licience for multi user. If I am wrong then I have several versions of Windows and MS Office in my house that I did not need to Pay for.

  alansabout 18:45 07 May 2005

From a legal point of view I would think that the licence is for one machine only, but with the norton you will be able to install it on a second PC but probably not be able to register it.So the short to your question is NO

  Pooke100 19:11 07 May 2005

The software would be only liscensed for one machine, if it's OEM then that machine would be determined as the laptop. However you could theoretically move the software to the PC, but to have them on both machines would give you problems with activation, registration and trying to update them online. I wouldn't try it.

And anyway, you can get much better than Norton Internet Security for nothing, I ditched it for AVG free, sygate firewall and the usual host of anti crapware programs available for free. My PC is as safe as it needs to be and it cost nothing to achieve!

To buy XPhome for the PC would be £60ish if you bought it OEM with some form hardware.


  freaky 19:40 07 May 2005

I have Norton Internet Security 2004 installed om my old PC. I purchased a new PC in December and installed NIS 2004 on that as well, no problem when I registered it. It just stated that the expiry date would be 1 year from the date of installation!!!

  TomJerry 19:52 07 May 2005

XP needs to be activated after 30 days and you can only activate it on one PC

if you have XP Pro large volumn licence, no need for activation

  Phphred 21:53 07 May 2005

Consumers should refer to the terms of the product's End User License Agreement. In some cases, the Microsoft EULA allows customers who are the primary user of Microsoft applications such as Office and Word to install one additional copy on their laptop computer for their exclusive use. This does not apply to product licenses acquired with the purchase of a PC. These OEM licenses are single-use licenses that cannot be transferred to another PC. Windows XP can also only be installed on a single computer. Installation and subsequent activation on a different computer requires a new license.

From the horses mouth

  Ash1394 10:42 08 May 2005

I'm one of these types who performs the unistall/re-install thing with xp once in a while. I don't know about installing xp on multiple computers but I do know that there is a finite number of times you can re-install and still use the same activation key. I've used mine up and to re-activate now entails a call to MS.

To follow on from Freaky's comments each time I re-install Norton AV the expiry date resets to 12 months. 2 years after original purchase I still have 10 months to go. Cool. Thanks Norton.

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