worthless extended warranties at Laptops Direct

  johnyshaf 17:46 14 Jul 2008

I bought a Lenovo Z61m from Laptops Direct on 30-01-07 and paid £117.42 for a Lenovo 3 year extended warranty. Now in July 2008 my laptop has severe overheating problems and I need to make use of the extended warranty. Lenovo’s extended warranty dept in Bratislava inform me that when laptops Direct sold me the extended warranty they should have sent me an email with a link to validate the extended warranty. When I emailed customer services at Laptops Direct, they wrote back telling me I did not pay for an extended warranty. Further emails go unanswered and a recorded delivery letter to their offices has yet to be replied to.

  johnyshaf 17:55 14 Jul 2008

in an update to this thread i emailed the link to Laptops Direct and the rep i was dealing with emailed back directly telling me she didn't appreciate me using her name. (the original opener to this thread contained the name of the customer services rep) She also informed me that she had made a mistake and that i did indeed pay for an extended warranty. But nevertheless Laptops Direct were at this stage not going to validate the extended warranty as i am out of time to advise of missing items. By this i assume she means the missing email that i should have received to validate the extended warranty.
The problem is that no one told me i should have receieved an email with a link to validate the extended warranty so how could i report that the email never arrived. (When i didn't know it was meant to come in the first place!)
If you are buying a laptop from laptops Direct you should ensure they send you the validation email or else report it under missing items

  Forum Editor 18:11 14 Jul 2008

that as a result of Laptop Direct's error you have paid £117.42 but will not receive the benefit of the extended warranty?

You mention overheating in your opening post, but in the second post you talk about 'missing items'. Can you clarify the position - what exactly is the problem with your machine, apart from severe overheating?

Extended warranties are normall underwritten by a third-party insurer, and not the manufacturer, so I'm slightly confused here - are you saying that Lenovo themselves run an extended warranty scheme? If that is the case, and you paid the money to Laptops Direct they acted as agents for Lenovo in the transaction, and they are liable for the consequences of their error in not sending you the validation link.

Perhaps if you can provide me with precise details I can advise further. From what you've said it appears that you paid a fee for a service that is apparently being denied to you byn the company which took the money, and we need to get the facts right.

  johnyshaf 19:08 14 Jul 2008

Hi forum editor and thanks for the response. I bought a Lenovo Z61m from Laptops Direct in January 07 and at that time on the advice of the Laptops Direct sales rep i paid £117.42 for a 3 year Lenovo on-site extended warranty. The warranty isn't underwritten by a third party, it is operated by Lenovo themselves and the dept that deals with it is in Bratislava.
When my laptop began overheating i emailed customer services at Laptops Direct asking how i initiate the extended warranty and i sent them a copy of the original invoice as an attachment. I'm sure they didn't even bother to open the attachment as a rep wrote back telling me i had never paid for an extended warranty. Fuming, I phoned Lenovo in Bratislava and the only details they had were that my machine had a normal 1 year hardware warranty which had now expired. When i told them i had in fact purchased a Lenovo 3 year extended warranty when i purchased the machine they informed me that Laptops Direct should have sent me an email to validate the 3 year extended warranty. But Laptops Direct did not send me that email and though i emailed Laptops Direct telling them what Lenovo had said they did not respond. A recorded delivery letter to their offices has also been ignored.
After i posted a thread on your forum i had an immediate email from Laptops Direct saying they had made a mistake and i had indeed purchased an extended warranty but that as i didn't report the missing email (this is the 'missing item' i refer to)to them until 7th July and as all missing items have to be reported within a fixed period it is now 'out of time'. I have no idea how long the period is in which you must report missing items. (Although i think a missing email is hardly a missing item!)
The only thing that made Laptops Direct finally respond was because i mentioned the name of a sales rep at Laptops Direct on your forum and she objected to me using her name.
I did indeed pay a fee to Laptops Direct for a service that is now being denied to me and if you can help in any way i would be most grateful.
I love my Z61m but at present i can only use it for about an hour before it gets too hot to touch. If i leave it on for longer it gets dangerously hot and if you touch it you burn your fingers. The overheating has nothing to do with the battery as the battery is the only part underneath that remains cool.

  johnyshaf 21:22 15 Jul 2008

i emailed the supposed head of customer services at Laptops Direct asking her to resolve my extended warranty issue positively and i received an email back telling me that after checking she could confirm that an email (containing the warranty) had been sent to me in January 07.
I checked my emails for January 07 and Laptops Direct had sent me 2 emails, both relating to the purchase of my laptop but neither contained the extended warranty. I emailed this information to Laptops Direct who responded a few minutes later by telling me they were confused (their words!)and they had in fact not sent the warranty by email but had instead sent it in 'booklet form'.
I phoned Lenovo who told me that they NEVER issue extended warranties in booklet form, they can only be issued by email with a validation link.
Laptops Direct are extracting the urine and all over what must to them be a measly amount of money.
Laptops Direct persuaded me to take out an extended warranty and then never issued that warranty, what sort of company is this that cheats its customers?
If a measure of a company is its after-sales service then after reading about my major problems with Laptops Direct over an extended warranty costing a little over a hundred quid i leave it to you to decide how reliable Laptops Direct is as a company and whether you want to use them or not.

  Forum Editor 22:17 15 Jul 2008

is that we'll get nowhere with this as long as you continue to make sweeping allegations along the lines of "what sort of company is this that cheats its customers?". Please don't do that again, or we'll be at odds straight away - let's keep calm, and analyse the situation.

1. It strikes me as odd that Lenovo would operate an extended warranty scheme themselves, particularly from Bratislava. They may well handle the administrative side from there, but there will almost certainly be a UK agency involved.

2. I now understand about the 'missing item' and thanks for clearing that up.

From what you've said it seems that there was a degree of confusion at the laptops Direct end of this, and as a result your warranty has not been 'validated' (whatever that means) by you, but that also strikes me as odd. If you paid the money to Laptops Direct they acted as agents for whoever provides the warranty, and it isn't your job to contact the manufacturers, even if they do operate the scheme themselves. It's up to the company that took your payment, and that was Laptops Direct.

We can talk about the details until the cows come home, but the basic facts remain unchanged - you paid for a warranty and you have received no benefit from it - you can't make a claim. The fact that you can't is due to Laptops Direct's error in not sending you the necessary document, or at least you didn't receive it. If the email had been sent you would have it, but it wasn't sent - you now have confirmation of that.

Laptops Direct say they sent you a booklet, but the manufacturers tell you that can't be so - that booklets are never issued for these warranties. If that's true it looks as if you haven't been given the correct information, and in your shoes I would be very angry indeed. I might consider asking Laptops Direct what they intend to do about it. I have one of these machines, and I can assure you (although you obviously realise it for yourself) that the kind of overheating you describe is a serious fault - any laptop that gets too hot to touch has a real problem.

  johnyshaf 00:00 16 Jul 2008

It seems to me that Laptops Direct are doing whatever they can, taking whatever measures needed to avoid facing up to their obligations regarding my extended warranty. Lenovo UK have been as helpful as they can be under the circumstances and so has their warranty authorisation office in Bratislava. But the only advice they can essentially offer is for me to push Laptops Direct to produce what i paid for, an extended 3 year Lenovo on-site warranty.
Bearing in mind that 2 Laptops Direct customer service employees have changed their story 3 times between them in as many days and things seem totally disorganised in their customer services department.
Perhaps i was a little over zealous in my use of English in my previous thread but i appear to be flogging a dead horse. When i told friends today of where this saga is at they were amazed i hadn't deleted a single email from January 2007. The thought occurred that perhaps Laptops Direct also assumed all my emails from January 2007 had been deleted and when i informed them that after checking through every email from Jan 07 and their warranty email wasn't there they then had no choice but to change their story again and say they never sent it!
As the most cost effective way to go about it, my solicitor advises i take Laptops Direct to the small claims court. He advises that as they refuse to issue me with a usable 3 years Lenovo extended warranty and with each new email from Laptops Direct containing information conflicting with the last their emails would definitely support my side of the argument and i might also as well as claiming for a new laptop get financial recompense for the time i spent on each mail i have been obliged to send.
As i wrote in my last email to Laptops Direct, i can't understand why they are being so intransigent in this matter and that so much procrastination over what they should rightfully do is hard to understand from a large company.

  €dstowe 06:28 16 Jul 2008

Is the company aware of this thread? If not, they should be. Bad publicity like this is far more damaging than a few quid lost in their honouring obligations.

  Forum Editor 08:20 16 Jul 2008

and I must insist that you post no further inferences about the company's intentions with regard to your warranty. You have absolutely no evidence to support your inference that Laptops Direct are "doing whatever they can, taking whatever measures needed to avoid facing up to their obligations" and constantly hammering on about employees changing their stories isn't going to achieve anything. You've stated your side of the story at some length and with a degree of force, and I've offered my opinions.

You say that you have received legal advice on this matter, and that being the case we can't comment further - you, and you alone must make the decision about what you do next.

  spuds 11:33 16 Jul 2008

You could do a simple search,via this forum or Google, and you will see how other people have had Laptop Direct experiences.

If you purchased the warranty via a credit card or finance agreement, then get in touch with the provider, and ask for their help and assistance under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Another alternative is your local Trading Standards or Consumer Direct click here If you contact Consumer Direct first, they may pass on your details to your local Trading Standards as a matter of routine.

  johnyshaf 17:17 16 Jul 2008

Hi Spuds, thanks for the link to Consumer Direct. I have reported my gripes concerning Laptops Direct to them..........

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