Is this worth the extra dosh?

  Kate B 12:53 25 Mar 2005

After the turn of the tax year I'm going to be buying a new computer and I'm just whiling away a few minutes speccing it up on the Alienware site.

Is there any noticeable difference between 2GB of Dual Channel Low-Latency DDR PC-3200 at 400MH and 2GB of XMS Extra Low Latency DDR PC-3200 SDRAM at 400MH ... the difference is nearly £300?? I do have the dosh handy but even I'm not mad enough to shell out that much unless it's noticeably worth it.

  Starfox 14:34 25 Mar 2005

Don't think you would see £300 worth of difference.

  Kate B 15:59 25 Mar 2005

Starfox, that's rather what I thought! Mad, but not THAT mad ...

  helmetshine 17:53 25 Mar 2005

Kate B
How much physical difference it will make i've got no idea...whether it's worth it or not is purely up to you....if you think it's worth it then go for it.
I purchased an Alienware about 6 mnths ago and have been more than pleased with it....if you go ahead with one i'm sure you will be too.
The build quality is is the support,a freephone line available 24/7.
What spec you thinking of getting by the way...i know seeing it will only make me jealous....but i'm too nosey to resist asking.

  Kate B 18:25 25 Mar 2005

helmetshine, I'm going for gold, or perhaps broke, whichever is the most appropriate metaphor. I'm speccing up idly an Aurora 7500 SLI system ... and I'm thinking of teaming it with the Apple 30" monitor. I've got a big cheque coming my way and I can claim it against tax, so seems rude not to ...

  powerless 18:56 25 Mar 2005

Why you want 2GB?

That's alot of RAM.

  helmetshine 19:08 25 Mar 2005

Kate B
Just had a look...:-)....i did notice that standard it only comes with 512 of memory...if you're upgrading to 2GB anyway the faster memory is only £122 more.Whether you get the faster memory or not thats gonna be a beast of a machine...i want one now

  Forum Editor 19:28 25 Mar 2005

as if the lights of London will dim when you fire up this little beauty Kate.

I'm consumed with envy, and expect a hand-written invite to the inaugural boot up.

  Kate B 12:53 26 Mar 2005

Powerless - 'cos I can! And I'm increasingly getting into gaming plus I do a bit of work with Photoshop.

And FE, yeah, maybe I should have a 'puter-warming party ...

  powerless 13:05 26 Mar 2005

You go girl!

  paddy75 13:26 26 Mar 2005

Kate B,if you are having a party be careful who you tell,in this mornings Daily Mirror a 17 year old had a birthday party and 300 gatecrashers trashed his £1.5m house in Amersham Bucks.Paddy

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