Worth considering now...?

  Diemmess 09:29 23 Sep 2006

As a user of HyperOs with absolutely no other involvement with the firm I've had an email promoting their latest prices.
This at last makes their products worthy of serious consideration.

The very fast disk imaging and simplicity to restore if the present OS has become tetchy, leave Ghost and Acronis in the shade. PQMagic is also part of the deal.

I know this is a plug for them, but several members of this forum use HyperOs and a lot more might consider it now the price is competetive.

Downside (my opinion) very poor manual, ought to be rewritten one day.
Support only online, involves a forum which is good, but not as handy as a manual

  Diodorus Siculus 12:02 23 Sep 2006

How much is it now?

  Diemmess 12:56 23 Sep 2006

..............."For our existing customers the upgrade prices are as follows ...

S11 2006 Geek upgrade = £14
S22 2006 SuperGeek upgrade = £19

2004FE S11 upgrade = £14
2004FE S22 upgread = £19

For first-time buyers our prices are as follows ...

2004FE S11 = £19
2004FE S22 = £29

S11 2006 Geek = £29
S22 2006 SuperGeek = £39

Plus p&p and VAT.

We have found that our sales have quintupled with these lower prices, so we are sticking with them."

Some discount on the once-upon-a-time prices!

  anskyber 13:07 23 Sep 2006

do you conclude that this product "leave Ghost and Acronis in the shade"

You may be right but how have you reached such a conclusion? not a confrontational point just curious. Did you have Acronis before?

  Diemmess 14:35 23 Sep 2006

Confession and statement time.....
have used Ghost in the past and read about Acronis in these pages.

I don't think you can extract individual files with HyperOs but that isn't a worry when the whole Drive can be quickly restored to the original or a spare partition.

Just to be able to quote hard evidence, I took time out to watch the details of backing up this very drive a few minutes ago.
The drive with all sorts of heavyweight software was backed up as is, without running CCleaner first etc. etc.

The underlying windows system is 2K
The CPU is an old Duron 1200MHz
RAM is 1Gb SDRAM (relatively slow stuff)

The drive (F:) on my system is 4.14 Gb
The time taken was exactly 4 minutes and 40 secs.
The backup was made to the second HD on my computer.

  anskyber 14:42 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for the clarification. I run a RAID 1 array and Acronis works faultlessly for me. I agree that the back up takes a while longer but I hope not to have to use it too often.

  Diemmess 15:19 23 Sep 2006

Long ago on Helproom when I had not long joined I read pages from flecc about Strewth and 98 Lite.
At the time HyperOs were placing double page adverts in the magazines.
I paid up and eventually through help here rather than from the vendor, had a system running.

In short (still remembering the huge price of those days) I am one of those who swear by it.... rather than swear at it.

For most mortal's needs - 2004FE S11.
£19 + p&p and VAT seems good value.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:30 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for the pricing detaisl - I was interested in the past but it seemed a little expensive. I remember when the price went down a while ago but I thought it was only for a short time - seems that it is still low I will think seriously about it.

  Diemmess 20:03 23 Sep 2006

Another quote from the end of the email -

"We have found that our sales have quintupled with these lower prices, so we are sticking with them. It appears to be what the market wants."

  ashdav 00:19 24 Sep 2006

just had a quick look at the website click here
I've not heard of this but it appears to be a virtual machine application.
Is it possible to install and use after XP is already loaded or is it clean install then load your OS ?

  terryf 08:30 24 Sep 2006

I think I have enough problems with one copy of winxp and I dread to think of having more than one on the same pc and keeping them and av, etc progs up-to-date. I use Acronis and keep all data on a second drive so the last time I restored all progs and OS it took 5 minutes to have a rejuvinated clean system then a short while for updates to os and av .

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