Worried with recent order placed with MESH

  RAMUS 11:00 07 May 2006

Ww recently placed an order with MESH computers, and have now only started to read all these posts across the net on how bad they are. As in a previous post, i shall allow the order to go ahead and see how things turn up. What my worry about this is that if we do start to get problems, how do i go about canceling the order considering we have put it through a finance company? I think i should of stuck with my first option which was Vantage pcs :(

Will also be keeping you update on how all this turns out.

  Stuartli 11:04 07 May 2006

Mesh delivers many thousands of systems annually - you only hear from a comparatively few disgruntled customers rather than praise from delighted buyers.

I've only bought one system from Mesh on behalf of an elderly friend, a £750 desktop setup in September 2004.

It was delivered exactly on the day promised, was set up by me and has worked faultlessly ever since.

So you shouldn't prejudge the issue...:-)

  RAMUS 11:11 07 May 2006

Yeah maybe you are right. Its just worrying reading all these complaints, and the fact that we are spending so much money on somthing that might turn out a mess. I guess its me judging a book by its cover with MESH. But will wait and see the outcome. :)

  DrSpock 14:55 07 May 2006

I did not buy from Mesh after reading all the posts about them. OK they do deliver a high volume of PC's, but their must be something wrong with their customer service delivery if so many complain about it?

  truescot_1982 15:24 07 May 2006

The parts of the pc i have got work fine. but the cusomer service is a disaster. I'm still waiting on serveral items including £100 worth of items ordered which haven't arrived or haven't even been mentioned in the documents which were delivered and i've got ther feeling that unless i keep on at them then they wont bother sending the goods. look at all these people who've been waiting months for their refunds...

  Stuartli 15:36 07 May 2006

As the documents (at least when I had an order) are sent some time before the arrival of the system, did you take it up with Mesh immediately?

If they are not listed and Mesh has taken payment for them, then you have proof that they were not sent.

  spuds 16:24 07 May 2006

"we have put it through a finance house", in which case, if it was not a personal loan, and the arrangement was for the purchase of the computer, then you will have protection under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If its a 'basic' model computer, and not one that as been 'custom' built, then again you will have consumer law available for cancellation, under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

Should you receive the computer, and it proves to be faulty, again you will have consumer laws available under the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982.

There doe's appear to be more growing concern about failures within Mesh's Customer Services, but Mesh doe's have a representative active within the forum [email protected] Who no doubt will address any queries that you may have.

In the meantime, you can follow up your rights, if required Trading Standards click here Consumer Direct click here

  Forum Editor 17:33 07 May 2006

the chances of anything going wrong with your new computer are extremely slim - the vast majority of computers from Mesh (or any other major supplier) work perfectly from day one, and as Stuartli has stated - the complaints you see here represent the tiny minority who experience problems.

By law, an online retailer has 30 days within which to comply with a legally justified refund request, and I doubt that you'll find anyone who has "been waiting months" for an agreed refund.

It's easy to get an unbalanced picture when you read complaint threads on a web forum, partly because the complainants tend to put their cases quite vehemently. That's understandable, they're annoyed, but it can sometimes have the effect of making things seem far worse than they really are.

Sit back and look forward to receiving your new computer - the chances are extremely good that everything will go smoothly. If something does go wrong, and you need help, you know where to come.

  RAMUS 17:54 07 May 2006

Hey guys thanks for the replies. And thankyou to Spuds for the information regarding the finance. At least i have those rights on myside should i find myself in any bother.

As the Forum editor said. i may be worryong over nothing. And i am looking forward to receiving the computer. As i said before, i will keep you all posted on the outcome.

Take care guys..

  zigalow 17:18 08 May 2006

I wonder if MESH customer Service care enough to highlight your order so MESH will get a good word on this thread.

  MissMesher 21:12 08 May 2006

Good luck with your new purchase

From my perspective you are quite right to be concerned.
I requested a refund on the 26th of April and Mesh have not contacted me since , and they quote that the Section 75 stuff is only valid for 7 days from date of delivery. This is rich given that they quote in their e-mail auto reponses that they take 4/5 days to answer any questions. In my case im still waiting on the 8th of May, some 11 days later, and I suspect I will have to resort to legal means to recover my money in a clear-cut case of faulty goods on delivery and still faulty after two attempted fixes by Mesh.

Im sure all the stuff about Mesh selling thousands of PCs is correct but please believe me and others when they say the support is bad, after all they and I just want a working PC like you without all the stress Mesh will introduce if anthing goes wrong.

Two months ago I would not have imagined spending my precious spare time posting comments on a forum about a computer supplier !! No-one spends time on these forums posting responses unless they have a genuine grievance. I feel others should be made aware of the risks associated with dealing with Mesh Computers.

I have been buying on the internet for years and this is the worst support I have ever experienced.

But I repeat I hope you get a good one.

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