Word of warning - beware of "Total Care" shambles

  livewire 18:19 12 Feb 2009

Hi all,

Just wanted to warn everyone who might be thinking of buying a warranty from "Total Care" who took over from the demise of Evesham.

I had a faulty left mouse click button and sent it to repair early December. Its now February and it needs to go back for a third time to fix the problem but thats not all..

The cheeky people have replaced the entire laptop with one of a slightly different chassis and in turn have downgraded my CPU from a Core 2 Duo at 2.2 T7500 to a T7200 at 2.0ghz.

I have demanded they put back my old CPU which had no faults.

Whats more the entire left hand side of the laptop is unusable as the ports have "sunk" into the chassis so the Ethernet, modem, VGA cannot be used.

Thats not all! The power button is faulty and needs to be pushed in very hard to work AND my power connector doesnt fit properly because the board is out of alignment.

The keyboard makes creaking sounds and the CPU cover is missing screws.

Absolute shambles!

Be wary of "Total Care and Support". Its going back a third time and I hope I wont have problems getting my CPU back!

I read the T&C's which say they replace parts of "Equal or better spec". So surely I am right not to accept a T7200 over a T7500?

  tullie 18:38 12 Feb 2009

Would have been cheaper spending a fiver on a usb mouse.

  livewire 18:44 12 Feb 2009

^^ Well its under warranty so.. i'm not actually incurring any cost. The problem with USB mouse is that its annoying to use when your in a lecture at Uni.

These didnt come out so well but here are some pics:

click here

click here

click here

  livewire 18:45 12 Feb 2009

^^ edit. Well I am incurring cost because I pay £8.99 a month for the warranty!! grr

  Zaphod 3 19:25 12 Feb 2009

I refer you back to my observation last week.

  tullie 19:40 12 Feb 2009

Unfortunately i am not phychic.

  Zaphod 3 19:49 12 Feb 2009

You do not need to be as I was asking you to look into the past, not the future, as you are obviously not as bright as you think you are, I'll provide a link.

  Zaphod 3 19:49 12 Feb 2009
  tullie 19:55 12 Feb 2009

Why the insults?You should have provided a link in the frst place.I dident say i was bright.

  Zaphod 3 20:02 12 Feb 2009

You have said that everyone else isn't or they only have half a brain. It is very easy to insult someone behind the cloak of anonymity, you however do not reveal yourself even when invited.

  tullie 20:09 12 Feb 2009

Ok,Zaphod,youve had the last word.

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