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Woolworth's notebook

  Pidder 16:32 31 Jul 2005

Does anyone have experience of the Medion notebook on offer at Woolworth's at £399?

  Stuartli 18:28 31 Jul 2005

Medion is a rebadger - finding out which particular laptop is being rebadged will provide a lot of information about the value on offer.

  Pidder 18:35 31 Jul 2005

Thanks for that. Thought it might be too good to be good. However, couldn't find the reviews on your "click here".

  Forum Editor 19:14 31 Jul 2005

tha machine's a bargain.

  Pidder 10:12 01 Aug 2005

Thanks to all, will look in our local shop.

  Al94 14:08 02 Aug 2005

Saw them in local Woolies today. Just be aware that the optical drive is external. Optical Drive Type: external CD-Writer/DVD-ROM Combo

  Batch 14:44 03 Aug 2005

ebuyer (click here) have a Toshiba 1.4Ghz Celeron with internal CD-RW/DVD at £420. ebuyer QuickFid is 91167.

At least it's a well reputed brand

  Pidder 19:07 03 Aug 2005

Thanks for the above. Got one locally Monday, happier about getting it locally. Now have to find my way around XP instead of 98SE!

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