won't return my MD 8383

  phill1210 08:45 14 Dec 2004

Ihave a problem with my new md 8383 after just a week i returned it under werranty to MEDION UK Three days later[on a sunday] the engineer told me my computer was ready to return im still waiting MEDION WONT RETURN PHONE CALLS WONT REPLY TO ANY EMAIL anyone had the same problem

  Masterspy 11:33 14 Dec 2004

I have emailed them with software queries from time-to-time and they are sometimes very slow to respond (excepting the auto generated acknowledgment) often needing follow-up emails before a response came.

  phill1210 17:56 14 Dec 2004

If i worked as hard as the people worked at MEDION I would have been sacked within the hour. AND TO PHONE ME AND TELL ME IT WAS THE POWER LEAD THAT WAS AT FAULT IS RUBBISH IM USEING THAT SAME POWER LEAD NOW

  wee eddie 21:41 14 Dec 2004

I'm not sure that I follow you.

Please explain further?

Have you got it back?

Is it now working?

are you talking about two separate problems?

  phill1210 09:49 15 Dec 2004

No i have not got the pc back. what im trying to say is I was sat at my other pc as i am now the phone rang it was the engineer from MEDION calling to tell me that had found the problem why windows will not load. He said it was the power lead that was faulty.[THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY] The pc started up ok then all i got was the INTEL LOGO in the middle of the screen.Surely if the power lead was faulty the pc would would not startup and stay runing

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