WOAUU!!! 17" screen Notebook, 1" thin etc. etc....

  Yossele 15:53 08 Jan 2003
  Yossele 15:53 08 Jan 2003

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when will we see PC's with the same configuration, and have you seen the speed:

"the new 17-inch PowerBook G4 runs professional applications including Adobe Photoshop up to 51 percent faster than a 2.2 GHz Pentium 4-based notebook"


I have no words...

  Taran 17:44 08 Jan 2003

I'm keen to see one in the flesh before seriously considering buying.

It has a lot in its favour but most of those factors that make it stand out so much are also heavily against it. Large screens are all well and good, but it hardly makes it a very portable device - thus defeating the primary purpose of all notebooks.

As an out and out desktop replacement though, it has a lot going for it and as I say, I'm looking forward to seeing one first hand before commenting further.

  Taran 17:51 08 Jan 2003

The quoted performance figures should also be treated with some skepticism.

Just taking into account the wildly varying performance results from high end 2.2 Pentium notebooks, it's a bit of a minefield claiming to be able to better this by such a large amount. Which end of this scale are they faster than ?

You also have to consider that many programs are optimized to run on the Mac platform.

Claimed and actual performance often vary a very great deal.

Having said that, if it comes close to the claims made for it, I'd be all the more interested...

  Yossele 09:39 09 Jan 2003

About size I would say: if you got the power of a desktop inc. the screen it's not a "notbook" it's just a portable desktop, and don't forget how "thick" it is and the "weight" and i'm not talking about life span, there is not even "1" competing PC in that range, and let's face even if the speed is not that much of a factor, but don't forget *802.11g *Bluetooth *Firewire 800 *DVD-RW and the list goes on and on...

And BTW most famous program's you can get for Mac as well, *MS Office *Adobe's program's (Most) *Quicken *Quickbooks *etc..

And the price £2598.99 looks apetizing too compared to other notebooks,

Hm.. they have done a really good job!!!

"Toshiba, IBM, Dell, HP, etc., should follow APPLE!!"

  siarad 10:28 09 Jan 2003

Up to 52% faster!. Does that mean it loads the menus that much faster but runs other bits slower, just which bits are 52% faster & which not. Seems like advertisers jargon.

  Yossele 23:18 09 Mar 2003

Safari is fater in rendering the pages, I can tell you from experience.

NOTE it vs. the Mac version of IE wich slow

  Forum Editor 23:36 09 Mar 2003

is an object of desire. Like so many Apple products if looks are anything to go by it's a winner, but like Taran I would be very wary of swallowing the quoted performance figures whole.

To say that a price tag which is a tad under £2600 is appetising compared to other notebooks leaves me puzzled - you could load a Dell Latitude lightweight notebook with pretty well every conceivable option and still not pass £2300.

Would I want the new G4 notebook? Of course I would, but not until I had nothing else to do with the money - there are cheaper options and I'm highly sceptical when it comes to the 51% faster hype. Perhaps PCA will give me one for an extended test........or perhaps they won't.

  rev.bem 00:17 10 Mar 2003


If "Mini Mee" can handle it it must be fairly portable :-)

  A Pound of Sausages 00:22 10 Mar 2003

Typice PR puffery from Apple. We've seen and heard it all before.

The market share is still tiny. Always will be.

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