Wise 365 - how to stop it clearning Microsoft Word

  Robert Shaw 19:14 15 Nov 2016

Hi everyone I have used Wise 365 for years and had no problems with it. I would like, however, to stop it cleaning the Microsoft Word, Recent files and history lists. There is a way to do this by ticking a box when you are cleaning, but this is not sticky. I have Wise 365 run every day in the afternoon and it removes my MS file lists, which is rather inconvenient. Is there any kind person who can give me very precise instructions on how to make the MS Word exclusion permanent in Wise 365? Regards to all. Robert

  Forum Editor 18:54 16 Nov 2016

There is an exclusion option in the settings. You can add folders, individual files, or file-types to the exclusion list plus domains and registry keys.

Are you saying that your selected option is not being saved from one clean to the next?

If so, are you using the free version, or the Pro version?

  Robert Shaw 18:58 16 Nov 2016

Thank you for the reply. I am the Pro version. Which version do I need? My selections are not being saved from one clean to the next. Also, what should I put into the exclusion list to exclude MS Word? I do not know what file stores the information on Word's recent files, for example. regards and thanks Robert

  Forum Editor 19:36 16 Nov 2016

Depending on your version, Word files all have the .doc or .docx extension.

Recent files will be stored wherever you put them - by default, they'll go into the documents folder in Windows, but most people create sub-folders within that folder.

If you tell Wise 365 to ignore the filetype .doc or .docx it will leave all the Word files, wherever they are stored. Alternatively, tell it to ignore the documents folder.

It seems odd that you can't save your preferences, but I'm not that familiar with Wise 365 - I use another free programme to clean my machines. Perhaps someone else will know how to do it.

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