Wirleless networking with broadband sharing

  [DELETED] 08:37 30 Nov 2003

My son and I share a broadband connetcion (NTL cable modem) via two Belkin USB wireless network adaptors.

I am putting together a third PC for my younger son and rather than add another wireless adaptor, I am thinking of purchasing a Belkin wireless router so that the broadband connection can be shared without my PC being switched on.

Am I writhg in thinking the only equipment I need is the wireless router, which sits between the modem and my PC, meaning that I can give my younger son my existing wireless adaptor.

So to sum up, the router would be connected to my PC (I believe this rquires an ehternet connection, which the modem and my motherboard have) and my sons computers would just require a wielass adaptor connected to each of them. Is that right?

If this is the case, should I remove the wireless network adaptor connected to my computer from device manager and will I need to run XP's network connection wizard again.

All mahcines will be using Windows XP.

  [DELETED] 11:01 30 Nov 2003

But I have a wireless network sharing NTL BB using a router. In my case it is the Actiontec NTL pack, which I got cheap at an auction.

The way mine is structured is that the broadband 'box' is plugged straight into the router. I then have my original wired connection, which used to run from the BB 'box' to my pc, running from the router to my pc. Anybody else in the house (wife and 2 daughters when home from Uni) can use either the usb wireless adapter that came with the Actiontec kit or the built-in wireless networking with one of their laptops.

This means that:
1. My machine does not have to be switched on for others to access cable BB.
2. If the wireless access were to have a problem I could still use the wired connection. (Though this has never happened yet!)
3. My machine, in using a wired connection, should have fewer speed limitations, although I have not noticed any real difference between machines.

My elder daughter in her student house is sharing Telewest BB using just a wireless router and no wired connection. Again the BB box is connected directly to the router and then each person accesses BB through their own wirelss adapter, either built in or USB.

  ajm 16:02 30 Nov 2003

Yes you are coorect. all you need is the Wireless Ethernet Router that supports cable. Make a note of the MAC address of the router.

Plug the router in your ethernet port and into the either the cble point on the NTL box or the Modem. Make sure that no usb cable is going from the modem to the PC ( if the Modem is a USB Modem). Oce that is is done, see if you can access the interent. if all is well, then the other two machines will be able to see the router and share a connection.

if the above doesn not work, you need to phone NTL and tell them to change the MAC address from the existing modem to the MAC address of your router. This may take into effects from minutes to 24 hours.

Let us know how it goes

  [DELETED] 21:18 30 Nov 2003

Thanks for replies.

I downloaded the manual for the router and it mentions that it is possible to clone the MAC address so I assume that this is all I need to do, if necessary.

The other thing I wanted to check is whether NTL use a dynamic or static IP address as this needs to be determined during setup.

  [DELETED] 16:02 01 Dec 2003

Dynamic click here

  [DELETED] 22:28 01 Dec 2003

Just realised that I have posted this thread in the wrong forum. Should have been in the helproom forum.


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