wireless speakers...do they exist?

  mitey_won 19:16 08 Sep 2005

Interested in getting new set of speakers for pc, pref 5.1 set, but fed up with all the wires.

Has anyone heard of any wireless speakers availabe for pc yet?

  Hamish 19:29 08 Sep 2005

Yes they do. Type Wireless Computer Speakers into a search site such as Google and then take your pick

  mitey_won 19:47 08 Sep 2005

that just brings up aload of price comparison sites which lists mostly wired spaeakers. I browsed thru the first 4 or 5 on the list and found one set of wireless speakers for pc.

Does anyone know of any definite makes/models, in particular surround speakers or 2.1 speakers which emulate surround sound?

  Stuartli 20:36 08 Sep 2005

One of the TV shopping channels - think it was IdealWorld - used to feature flat panel wireless speakers at £69.99 but can't find them on the website.

2.1 speakers that emulate surround sound do it through features such as AC3.

If it's merely the surround sound that's of most interest, then the onboard sound or PCI chipsets (at remarkably reasonable prices) from C-Media will do exactly as you require with a 2.1 system. See:

click here

I used a C-Media 8738 onboard sound chipset for several years and its 3D performance on a 2.1 system was remarkably realistic.

The sound quality is also way above the norm and the differences between it and the SoundBlaster Live! are quite moderate - the C-Media's clear, transparent sound was excellent.

  Stuartli 20:38 08 Sep 2005

C-Media's sound chipsets go up to eight channel (7.1) capability depending on version.

  hgrock 10:22 10 Sep 2005

I came across somw wireless speakers in spain they looled like paintings in a frame excelent quality, don't know make , i am returning to spain end of sept will let you know when i see them

  Joe R 11:04 10 Sep 2005
  driving man 21:45 10 Sep 2005

Be aware that other electrical appliances can interfere with w/less speakers. Microwaves are partic. bad

  wee eddie 23:29 10 Sep 2005

Think of the batteries a 7/1 System would consume.

Their not on.

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