Wireless Router - which ?

  snowy30 19:34 03 Jun 2008

I'm in the process of buying a wireless router for my laptop, what shall I be looking for?

Could someone tell me if this is a good buy from amazon: click here

  Kemistri 19:54 03 Jun 2008

I don't think that an unmanaged switch is really going to cut it if you want a wireless router!

As for suggestions, I'm sure that you will get plenty of comments that urge you to avoid brand X because they tried to install just one example and failed.

Zyxels can be good. As can Draytek, Buffalo, Netgear, Belkin, 3Com, Linksys....

  Stuartli 22:30 03 Jun 2008

Don't forget D-Link.

  snowy30 00:41 04 Jun 2008

Will I be able to use a netgear dongle with a wireless router of another name?

  sean-278262 02:52 04 Jun 2008

Yes a netgear dongle will work fine with a router of another name. Just be sure to match up the type as there are A, B, G and N (sometimes referred to as draft N). Anything to the left of the band your dongle says it supports will also be supported so G will also work with A and B compatible dongles.

click here
click here

Above are 2 of the more popular places to buy the equipment. Ideally aim to get one compatible with the latest specification of N (draft N). This will ensure everything will work to the best capabilities.

  J B 10:31 04 Jun 2008

bookmarked. J.B.

  snowy30 01:30 25 Aug 2008

What are the best wireless routers for connecting a desk top via ethernet and a laptop wirelessly simultaneously?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:01 25 Aug 2008

All wireless routers can connect by ethernet. They are all good but I always buy Netgear and at £70 (with dongle) this one form PCW is a good deal and can be used on BT lines.. click here= If you have a cable broadband connection you need to get a cable router..if not a BT router. Not much point in faffing around, just high tail down to PCW. If you do not need the dongle you can buy the router on it's own and save some cash.


  snowy30 00:18 26 Aug 2008

Cheers Gandalf :o)

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