Wireless Router BT Home Hub 5

  roxie555 18:20 07 Jul 2014

Secret Squirrel Several people have recommended the BT Home Hub 5, If you agree which band should it be set to for upstairs wireless connection to 2 Tablet PCs? You mentioned a TP Link but not which model(s) Thank you Mike

  Secret-Squirrel 08:44 08 Jul 2014

"Several people have recommended the BT Home Hub 5"

Get a Home Hub 5 then. Despite what "wee eddie" said in your first thread, I can't see how you as an ADSL customer is going to get one from BT for just the price of postage and packing - have a read here ( the word "here" is a hyperlink so click on it)

"You mentioned a TP Link but not which model(s)"

My post had a link in it - it's in a red and bold font like the one above.

  roxie555 10:30 08 Jul 2014

Many thanks Secret Squirrel. Sorry I missed the link to TP routers - must get new glasses. I sense in your latest reply that you are not entirely convinced about the BT HH5. It is not that I doubt your recommendations but, as an aging technophobe to whom most of this technology is a mystery,I am simply trying to avoid buying something I don't really need. I appreciate the 802.11 AC standard is unnecessary at present as my laptop is not so enabled but as it appears to be backward compatible I was just thinking of future needs. One final question if I may....do routers with dual band technology automatically switch for optimum performance or is this a manual set-up? All your time and help has been very much appreciated. Mike

  Secret-Squirrel 12:50 08 Jul 2014

Hello Mike

"......but, as an aging technophobe........"

In that case, get another Home Hub. If you buy a TP-Link, or any other third-party router, it'll require a certain amount of configuring such as adding the BT username and password. With a Home Hub you plug it in and it works.

Phone BT and explain your problem and hopefully they'll send you a Home Hub 4 for just £6.95. If you discover it's another rubbish router then you haven't lost much. The Home Hub 5 costs £129 on the BT website but personally I think you'd be off your head to pay that sort of money for such a device.

"....do routers with dual band technology automatically switch for optimum performance or is this a manual set-up?"

With the Home Hub 4 and 5 there's no setting up required and by default both bands have the same wireless-network name so devices only see a single network. If your laptop or tablet is also dual-band then it should automatically connect to the best band - 5Ghz for better performance if the device is very close to the router, or 2.4Ghz if it's further away such as upstairs.

  roxie555 13:01 08 Jul 2014

Very good of you Secret Squirrel. I do appreciate your guidance. Best wishes. Mike

  Secret-Squirrel 18:13 08 Jul 2014

You're very welcome Mike although I'm not sure I've helped much. My concern is that you're going to replace your crappy Home Hub with a different crappy Home Hub, but if it's only going to cost a few quid then it's worth a gamble as the new one may perform a lot better. As you appear to be reluctant because of your inexperience to try a third-party router then I've suggested all I can.

Best of luck with everything.

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