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  Sir Radfordin 15:54 25 May 2004

Got someone moving to a new office so need to create a wireless network for them. There is an ADSL connection so a router is needed. Office is over 2 floors and about the size of a 2up/2down house - think its built of stone!

Already have two centrino laptops so they are wireless-enabled but there are two desktops which will need to be upgraded.

Assume I'm right in thinking 1x ADSL Wireless router + 2x PCI Wireless cards will do the trick - but which ones?

Is the 802.11g spec stuff compatible with the 802.11b stuff (right numbers there??)

  Al94 16:07 25 May 2004

Based on my experience, Netgear products are superior in terms of reliability and ease of set up. Their customer support, should it be needed, is legendary. I had a problem a few months ago which turned out not to be a faulty modem/router as advised by BT, it was a line fault, however Metgear without question sent a replacement by courier giving me 21 days to return the original. When I say experience, I mean others I know who have used different products and having seen mine, agree that the web based interface makes it simple to set up and configure to personal requirements. Mine is in a three storey property with the modem on the first floor and have no problems. Particularly good value now from click here

  Al94 16:09 25 May 2004

Sorry, misread in that it appears you have a modem and just need a wireless router, still go with Netgear products though and yes, they are compatible

  Sir Radfordin 17:25 25 May 2004

Thanks for that - was looking at the Netgear stuff having heard good reports.

There is already and ADSL modem but was looking to get a wireless hub/router with one built in.

  byfordr 17:48 25 May 2004

Would agree with the above...Netgear are so easy to set up. click here all in one (modem/router/wireless/firewall DG834G)including one free adapter (either usb or laptop). £90 a steal. If not click here have excellent deals and good customer services.

Wireless B is compatible with wireless G. But the network will only goes as fast as the slowest component.


  byfordr 17:49 25 May 2004

Ouch even better on the second link! £85


  byfordr 17:50 25 May 2004

No sorry that wasn't including vat £100 :-( still a good company to deal with though.


  computernerdiamnot 00:57 26 May 2004

I can say that the netgear is excellent and easy to set up.

I bought the one with the usb adapter and it works fine and looks stylish to.

Thanks to byfordr, i was able to set up and be in the garden with the fine weather.

I have the router set up in my bedroom at the top of the house and my house is victorian solid walls and i get the signal in the back garden.

Ideally it should be downstairs, but im decorating, but still get full strength throuhout.

  Forum Editor 01:44 26 May 2004

with the Netgear hardware.

  Charence 23:20 26 May 2004

I think that Netgear is a good make. Very reliable!

Currently, the wireless part of my network is Belkin powered though which also seems very good.

Not all 802.11g are compatible with 802.11b, you will have to check for each product to see if it allows backward compatability.

If the signal deteriorates significantly, you may need to bridge the wireless network with another Wireless Access Point.


  bfoc 23:32 26 May 2004

But this router, when used with 'own' adapters has been recommended both for speed and distance coverage in a number of magazine reviews.

It is also a pretty good price too!

click here

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