wireless networking help

  smy13 00:12 09 Dec 2004

I'm struggling to get my wireless network sharing files and printers; I've got the internet connection running Ok. But I can't see the other Pc's on the network. I've run the wireless networking wizard and then run the normal networking wizard as per the instructions in XP, however I've not been able to plug the USB pen drive into my router as it has no port for this.
I'm running an Addon War2000 router and laptop cards. Any advice would be gratefully received
or can anyone point me to some good online resources

  Modo 07:35 09 Dec 2004

Start by checking your Firewall settings.

Turn off all Firewalls and see if you can see the other computers now.

If you have a stand alone firewall as well as the built in Windows XP SP2 Firewall Security Centre Combo still check the Windows Fireall settings for the wireless connection in Network Connections.

  Modo 07:37 09 Dec 2004

By check I am saying check it is unchecked!!!

  smy13 22:17 09 Dec 2004

Great advice solved all issues. Not one article I've read on this subject or any person I've spoke to mentioned this


  Modo 09:10 10 Dec 2004

Now reactivate one Firewall - using the ip addresses of your computers as acceptable connections.

And don't forget to include the ip address of your access point (ap) if that is your set up.

That would have been my next question to you - this one seems to fool most of us most of the time - I spent an hour on sunday trying to solve a problem with one of our compuerts. I went to MS knowlege base and everywhere else. Then something triggered. I went back and checked the firewall settings. I had put a 9 not an 8 in one of the ip addresses in the Firewall settings!!!

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