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  griffo 17:20 23 Jun 2003

griffo Sat, 21.06.03 | 16:32
I am installing a BT Homehighway (can't get broadband here!) and want to use a wireless network for 2 desktop PC's and maybe a laptop. PC nearest BT stuff is oldest - Evesham Platinum P11 266Mhz, using W98 and I was going to connect to Highway via USB port. Other desktop is a Mesh P4 1.3Ghz also on W98. Laptop is HP Omnibook XE3 using XP.
Can you please suggest what I need to get to wireless network these?

Forum Editor Sat, 21.06.03 | 18:16
Each machine
will require a wireless network adapter - either an internal PCI type (PCMCIA card type for the laptop) or external USB models by Belkin or A.N. Other.
I suggest that you buy a Linksys wireless access point, and use it to distribute the wireless network.

Start the Internet sharing wizard on the machine with WinXP, and when it offers to make a floppy for use on the other machines do that. Then use the floppy to configure the other two machines.

It's actually easier to do than to describe, and if you follow the WinXp prompts it's difficult to go wrong.

griffo Mon, 23.06.03 | 11:08
Wireless Network - which
thanks for that. I believe Linksys have recently launched a new access point - 54g or somesuch? Which model should I go for, also, Belkin PCI cards seem to be nearly 2x the cost of other makes, is this justified?

  Forum Editor 00:47 24 Jun 2003

stick to your original thread? It can get confusing with two of them running.

To answer your questions:

Linksys have launched their new WAP54G wireless G access point which, they claim, is almost five times faster than the existing wireless B products commonly in use. The good news is that the WAP 54G is backwards compatible with wireless B products, so if you already have these you don't need to fork out for new wireless adapters when you buy the WAP54G.

You can get the new hardware now from
click here for £99 plus VAT

As far as the Belkin adapters are concerned, if you can get a cheaper deal then by all means do so. I use the Belkin USB adapters, not the internal type, and so I can't comment on quality as far as they're concerned (internal PCI). Belkin is a name that is well-known for quality, although on my laptop I use a Linksys PCMCIA card adapter. It works superbly - far better than the Linksys external USB adapter that I tried for a while.

  griffo 07:06 25 Jun 2003

I am now confused Editor - you seemed to recommend the new 54g from Linksys, yet your response to Tim seems anti? Can you please clarify which system you feel is best for the PC's I have and confirm this will allow Internet access sharing on a BT Home Highway (USB connected)?


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