Wireless help request for newbie

  Hornblower 10:49 16 Mar 2004

Having finally decided on a BBISP, I have decided to attempt to network my desktop, (WinME) and my laptop, (WinXP). I want to do this wirelessly and have done a lot of research but can't find 'specifically' what I want or need to set it all up.
I'm not a total idiot when it comes to computers and have done a lot of the standard stuff over the years, i.e. RAM upgrades, 2nd hard drives etc. but the sheer weight of information re. wireless is dragging me under.
Can anybody out there tell me exactly what I need to set up a wireless network to share the BB connection and share files, etc? Can I buy an 'all in one' package that gives me everything I need, or should I buy seperately for economic or sensible reasons?
I know that my request is a pretty tall order, but my main need is to know 'exactly' the kit I need. I'll give you an example of my ignorance - looking at routers/modems I'm just about to take the plunge, then start to read about adaptor cards, which makes me wonder about them too. That's when my head implodes with all the information. I need it spelled out to me and I don't know anyone who can do that - except you clever lot out there.
(I have looked at various websites, but for me I think they assume too much information on the part of the reader, i.e. me!)
I can do my own research into where to buy it and what to pay, if only I knew what to search for! Having said that, if anyone out there is using good equipment that comes in at a reasonable price, I would definitely consider it. (Of course!)

Thanks in advance for any of you who puts digits to keyboards on my (and I suspect other's) behalf.

  bfoc 11:50 16 Mar 2004

To respond to a request with another request!

What sort of BBISP are you using - this might have an influence on the answers!

  byfordr 11:51 16 Mar 2004

A couple of useful threads

click here

click here

For instance I am setting up a wireless network for my uncle. Involving 3 laptops and one desktop. For this I have ordered a Netgear DG834G
which is a firewall/router/wireless and modem all in one and a WAG511 CardBus Network adapter which works on all wireless types.

I am planning to plug the DG834G into the phone socket (having first put filters on all sockets)
Plug the desktop and one of the laptops into DG834G using CAT5 cable and the network port. One of the laptops is a centrino (so just a case of setting it up to work) The last laptop connect via wireless card WAG511.

click here

click here

click here



  byfordr 11:52 16 Mar 2004

ps if you buy from Simply register before the 21st to get 10% off discount voucher


  Hornblower 11:56 16 Mar 2004

I'm torn at the moment between Pipex and Freedom2surf. Anyway, whichever way I go, it won't be cable - if that's the issue - as it's not available here.

I'm now going to look at the links provided - thanks for the response!

  byfordr 12:18 16 Mar 2004

Not come across freedom2surf. I know a few people that use Pipex without any major problems. Companies like bulldogdsl are supposed to be good as well (mainly business based) Try click here it list many ISPs

I personally use click here no problems so far and nice and cheap!

What you need to do is decide what wireless standard you are going to use A,B or G. A is the oldest. G the latest (and compatable with B) There are wireless cards that are compatable with all standard like WAG511. If you really want to use the laptop anywhere. If not save some cash and pick a standard to use across your whole network. Mix and matching b and g will cause slowdowns. If your desktop is near a phone point you can save a few quid by getting a wireless/router/modem and using CAT5, and a network port. The router will also allow you to transfer files between the laptop and desktop by plugging by in. If you want to do it all wirelessly then you will need some form of adapter for the laptop and the desktop.


  Hornblower 12:54 16 Mar 2004

Freedom2surf is on the ADSLguide website that you handily put in a link on another thread (thanks again). They get a good rating from users and aren't expensive - and only 1 month contract. I wouldn't have heard of them if they weren't on the guide. Bulldog were 1 year contract I think.

The Netgear DG834G looks the business, I'm very definitely leaning that way now, cheers! I see what you mean about saving money by not getting the WAG511 (I would prefer to get a couple, but another £75 each? S'alot of money!) Perhaps there are others compatible with the Netgear that are effective but not so expensive?

But what is CAT5? (I told you I was new to this!) And the network port? That's another term I'm unfamiliar with. I take it I've got one of those in my computer already?! (D'oh!)

Anyway, I learn quick and (usually) only have to be told once for it to click into place. What you have said so far is well received and has very definitely helped. I think I'm nearly there now thanks to your advice.

  byfordr 14:00 16 Mar 2004

As I said pick your standard. If you go for the DG834G it probably makes sense going for G. You would only need a wireless adapter capable of oen standard for your desktop (assuming it sits in one place) If you want a laptop you can use anywhere (internet cafes, coffee shops, other wireless networks) go for a multiple standard of card like above.

CAT5 (sometimes called patch cable) is standard cable used for networking. Theres is also CAT5E, and CAT6 which can be used for Gigabit ethernet.
It very cheap (off the internet) or expensive in pc woe, dixons etc. Theres some piccies (and useful descriptions) here click here

  byfordr 14:13 16 Mar 2004

You may already find you have a network port (either build into your motherboard or as a pci card) click here If not they are pretty cheap. 10/100 Mbps Network card is pretty standard. Gigabit (1000mbps) is starting to come in, but you would need both pcs to benefit from this. Most of these would fit in a pci slot.

The WAG511 card is for the laptop only. Just found the card for cheaper on Simply! click here Not sure why they have it at 2 prices!

For the desktop (if you go the wireless route) something like this WG311 click here or this wg121 click here

Yes you can use any companies products (in theory) without problems. I always use netgear because of their superb customer service and aftersales help (Not had to use it yet but friends who have tried several different companies products say its excellent)



  Diodorus Siculus 14:21 16 Mar 2004

Hitchiking along... interesting thread.

  byfordr 14:22 16 Mar 2004

Ahhh 2 different cards! WAG511 has slightly beefier security. The WG511 the second card I posted will do the job more than adequately and allow flexibility. Full datasheets are on netgears website.

In the end work out whether you need everything to be wireless. You will save about £20-£40 by plumbing the desktop in via CAT cable. The DG834G is a superb product, and easy to set up.

Simply have 10% off at the moment if you register which may be on some use. On the day do the standard run through click here click here click here click here and perhaps a google search with the products you choose for the best prices.

Post back if you need anything further.


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