Wireless Hard Drive Music System - Advice wanted!!

  Trevor-200738 20:42 03 May 2004

I know very little about computers and even less about hifi matters...so i need some expert advice. I am getting a stereo system fitted in my house, with speakers in 3 different rooms, all wired to one hard drive device and an amp. Does this make sense so far? What i want to do is to be able to sit in any of the rooms and to remotely select any track, by name/artist/cd etc, not just by track number. I am currently thinking of either having a pc as my hard drive, so could i use a pda? Or should i get a proper hifi hard drive? What could i use as a remote then if i want a proper software interface to select the tracks?

Help! Cause i really dont have any idea what im talking about!

  byfordr 20:55 03 May 2004

Theres a complete system from Yamaha which may fit the bill. (Sorry the name eludes me, but a quick trawl around their website may do the trick) It is a music jukebox (server) and transmits to smaller boxes in each room. Theres wireless adapters that plumb into your wireless network transmitting files from your pc into your hi fi system. Netgear and I believe Linksys do these. Failing that an ipod plumbed straight into your hi-fi can act as a hard drive.


  Trevor-200738 21:04 03 May 2004

Thanks for reply.
I have looked at that Yamaha system - but that is a wireless hifi system (and hence very expensive!) . My actual hard drive/amp and speakers are all going to be wired. I just want to be able to select the track wirelessly, as opposed to send the actual track wirelessly.

  byfordr 21:09 03 May 2004

Did bring tears to my eyes when I saw it! Nice though...

These guys are multi-room gods click here fecking expensive, but may be able to help.


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