Wireless ADSL access to a laptop

  keverne 22:58 11 Oct 2003

I'm just about to get my mits on a new Toshiba Tecra laptop.

I'd like it to have wireless connection to the ADSL facility presently being used by my soon to be forgotten desktop PC.

What do I need?

  Forum Editor 00:36 12 Oct 2003

plus a PCMCIA or USB wireless network adapter for the laptop, and a USB wireless network adapter for the PC.

Plug the router (get one with its own inbuilt ADSL modem) into the ADSL telephone line, and set it up as per the instructions - it will be a very straightforward procedure. Now install the network adapters on both laptop and PC (handy tip: install the software BEFORE you connect the adapter in both cases).

Reboot both machines, and you'll be sharing the ADSL connection on both. The advantage of using a router is that you can use either of the computers without the other one being switched on - it's the router which makes the connection to your ISP, and it will stay online as long as it's switched on. Don't forget to turn it off when you go to bed, or go on holiday, there's no point in sitting online when you don't need to be. The router will automatically connect as soon as it's booted.

  keverne 08:23 12 Oct 2003

Thanks for your reply F.E. but I think you have misunderstood me. The laptop is a replacement for the desktop PC which I'm getting rid of.

Is it possible to provide wireless ADSL on a single laptop without any other PC being involved.

  Morpheus© 09:09 12 Oct 2003

i asked the same thing, click here for the reply.

click here

  keverne 20:14 13 Oct 2003

OK, thanks Morpheus©, but have you got it working?

And if you have what exactly did you use?

I have not looked at the reply from Morpheus© but the simple fact is that a PC, be it laptop or desktop is a PC and either will connect to ADSL in the same way. You will need a internet connection (ADSL) and therefore a Modem or Modem / Router. You can now buy Wireless Modem / Routers that do the job or opt for a standard Modem (preferably with Ethernet not USB output) and a wireless access point or Wireless router.

Once you have your ADSL connection going to a wireless device you then need a wireless Notebook adaptor card (PC Card bus) to pick up the signal.

  Morpheus© 21:37 13 Oct 2003

this is all you need, plus as smiffy99 said a card for the laptop..

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