WinXP OEM Versions - Major change in licence terms

  DieSse 23:42 23 Oct 2005

Possibly many will not have seen this, so I'm posting it on a new thread.

The licence terms have now changed, from September 1st - OEM versions may now only legally be sold PRE-INSTALLED ON COMPLETE SYSTEMS. click here

  ventanas 10:27 24 Oct 2005

Yep I was aware of the changes, and about time. Hopefully this will put an end to the deliberate piracy that must be legion, and end the situation where those that thought they were buying something legal have been sold down the river.

  PaulB2005 12:42 24 Oct 2005

Sorry but i fail to see how it will end piracy. In fact it'll just raise costs for those acting legally (again).

I've always provided an OEM copy with disk and COA when installing Windows and a relevant hardware upgrade. This change now means i must provide a more expensive retail version.

The piracy will continue (maybe increasingly so) as the piracy isn't caused by mis-use of the OEM system but mis-use of Corporate CD Keys. The OEM copies are paid for - the Corporate keys aren't....

I come across numerous PCs every year that have been built using pirate CD keys, or have been "repaired" by having XP Pro installed with a Corporate key. Each time to "legalise" the PC i recommend a new hard drive (to satisfy the hardware requirement) and an OEM copy of XP with the old hard drive going in as a slave or into a HDD Caddy.

Now the cost will rise to over the cost of the retail copy instead of an OEM. If the price goes up surely then piracy will?

  Belatucadrus 12:43 24 Oct 2005

Will it put an end to piracy, I very much doubt it. Will it mean that home builders who could quite legitimately install an OEM copy of XP home at £59.94 will now have to cough up £149.99 for the full retail version and a support package they'll probably never use, seems likely.
Microsoft used to be very tight on the control of OEM window copies and the current almost unregulated situation seems very much of their own making, but I can't say I'm enthusiastic about this somewhat draconian measure to resolve the situation.

  €dstowe 13:43 24 Oct 2005

I anticipate that I will need ten new computers before the great Vista becomes a reality.

10 copies of Windows XP Pro SP2 OEM and ten hard drives are now on order.

  DieSse 18:08 24 Oct 2005

It's not an anti-piracy measure - it's to stop the virtual retail trade in OEM copies. Basically the discount on an OEM copy versus retail, is to allow the system builder to install them properly, and still make some profit - not a *backdoor* into lower cost OSs for the general public.

BTW - as a system builder, you are still allowed to buy them for installation on refurbished/second-hand systems - not just new ones.

  PaulB2005 18:16 24 Oct 2005

So what if you are "legalising" a system where a pirate copy of XP is installed and also install a qualifying piece of hardware?

  DieSse 20:43 24 Oct 2005

You'll have to ask MS about the "legalising" issue - I don't know anything more than I've read, I'm just drawing the new situation to peoples attention.

There is no *qualifying piece of hardware* any more, as I read it (apart from a system!).

I would be pretty sure that if you were a system builder, and so you had access to supplies of OEM versions, then they are hardly likely to object to you installing a legal copy.

If you're not a system builder, then in theory you can't even buy an OEM version. If you're an end-user and want to *legalise* your system, all you can buy is a retail version, unless MS make a special offer when you tell them what you want to do.

  PaulB2005 21:53 24 Oct 2005

Fair enough. To be honest it's far too compliated for me so i'll have to stick to retail packs.


  jbaker65 12:31 25 Oct 2005

The simple fact is that the retail price of Windows XP is an exorbitant rip-off. The oem price for XP home of about £50-60 is just about fair and anything higher is just plain greed on Bill Gates part. AND NO, I AM NOT USING A PIRATED VERSION OF WINDOWS XP.

  €dstowe 15:32 25 Oct 2005

As I have written in another thread:

This move by MS will do the opposite of what is intended.

Small builders will be more tempted to use Singapore-Sling versions of XP bought for about tuppence a dozen, complete with activation key than pay over the odds for a full retail version.

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