WinFS is destined to supersede FAT and NTFS

  TOPCATt® 19:46 18 Jun 2003

Quote: 'The Windows Future Storage (Win FS) file system will take its place in Longhorn, the successor to the XP OS. For the first time, a server technology will manage data on home PCs via a relational database. This article traces its development and lifts the veil on file systems of the future...'

An informed read can be found click here TC.

  powerless 20:25 18 Jun 2003

Well you think it would as its with the new Windows OS!

  powerless 20:25 18 Jun 2003

A little late TC i read that article yesterday ;-)

  powerless 23:13 18 Jun 2003


One says it is the other says it isn't.

  powerless 23:30 18 Jun 2003


I like technology.

  powerless 00:07 19 Jun 2003


I like to know how something works, whats the reason behind it. That way it helps me to undertstand and eventually come to use a piece of technology better.

ok, ok, so its a file system (or maybe not as vogs links says) but as its the builing of a new operating system...

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