windowsxp 64 trial software

  goonerbill © ® 16:47 09 Sep 2005

has any body else seen this on microsofts website.

There is no fee for the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Trial Software kit; however, all orders are subject to shipping and handling charges. International orders may also be subject to import duties and taxes. If ordering from this site to a location outside of the United States, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country/region in which you are receiving the shipment.

fair enough i thought. went to place my order but wanted to charge $20 s&h. now i have bought many things from the states and never been charged that for a single cd, couple of $$$ for p&p. they must pay there staff in the postal department one hell of a wage to have to charge this.

and yes it is available as a free download but at 550mb on dialup, it is not an option.

  Stuartli 17:05 09 Sep 2005

How can there be any duties and taxes on a free item?

  Teaboy 17:07 09 Sep 2005

$20 equates to only £10ish English. comming from the states seems very reasonable price! What?

  Teaboy 17:08 09 Sep 2005

I take Stuartli's point also.

  goonerbill © ® 17:41 09 Sep 2005

hi Teaboy. as i said, have bought quite a few items from the states and recently had an item delivered by airmail for $35 and its weight was 5 and a half pounds (2.5kg) approx. so what would have microsoft charged me ???

  Lead 10:28 10 Sep 2005

You pay duty on the total cost of the item, i.e. including the shipping fee.

I recently took advantage of Microsoft's 'free' upgrade to 64bit. The software/cd was free, but shipping was $22, iirc. However, I wasn't charged any duty. I think it has to be over £18 before duty is charged anyway.

  The Spires 15:26 10 Sep 2005

Leadm how have you gone on with it, & drivers etc?

  Lead 17:10 18 Sep 2005

It's not been too bad really, considering all the scare stories.

I found drivers for my R800 printer and MX1000 mouse. But nothing for my canon scanner or logitech webcam yet.

It's not proving to be a problem though, as I hardly ever use my webcam and I have another PC to connect my scanner to. :)

  The Spires 08:49 19 Sep 2005


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