Windows XP - Service Pack 2

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 19:18 07 Jul 2003

No - sorry all, I am not posting to tell you it has been released but to ask when WIL IT BE RELEASED???

I have just installed XP on four PC's over the last few days and I cannot believe that I am having to download up to 100Mb of updates. Thank goodness I have BB otherwise I would be leavinga connection running all night. What about those poor souls whose ISP logs them off after two hours?

I love XP and I think that the update capability is fantastic...just not when you have to reinstall!!

  powerless 19:54 07 Jul 2003

Well you can install the indvidual updates up to the 2 hour cut off and then restart afterwards when you reconnect. But thats a lot of updating...

Quicker to get the CD (although takes a month to arrive). Oh and its free... click here

Also get it on a Cover Disk.

Windows XP SP2 - There's Beta testing going on at the moment i think.

No its not the Service Pack one I am on about, I already have that on CD! Its the fact that when I set up a new system, or reinstall on mine (as I am doing tonight) there are 90.3Mb of updates PLUS an extra 9Mb if you want Windows Media Player 9. That is 100 Mb AFTER installing SP1.

Considering that M$ were pretty quick to bring out SP1 it seems a pity that they dont allow you to write the downloads to disk for future use.

You cant say that XP does not need the odd reinstall either - by now many of the "Pioneers" will be wanting to upgrade the CPU and probably a motherboard as well so a reinstall of the op sys is pretty much a given (XP will be 2 years old very shortly).

Thanks for the link anyway, I am sure it will help others.

  AdeJ 20:40 07 Jul 2003

I got all excited then..

Isn't there an option to download the update files for updating a number of networked PCs - sure I read that somewhere..?

  H-J 20:40 07 Jul 2003

I have the full 133Meg sp1 burnt onto cd that I downloaded some time ago. I have checked where I got it from (4 mirrors in all) and the file no longer exists on any of them. I suspect that Microsoft have deliberately pulled the plug on free downloads, going by the fact that it is no longer available on the web. (will someone please prove me wrong on this?) Given the fact that millions of people will be requesting this (free) cd, it must be costing them some money, both in production and p&p. The only conclusion I have been able to come to is that they are engaged in a campaign to get peoples names & addresses. What they would do with such a database I can only speculate.

Ideas, anyone?


  powerless 20:43 07 Jul 2003

Oh i see what you mean. (a little slow)

Well you can save all the updates click here

Personalize Windows Update...

Tick "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also"

Click "Save settings"

You'll see "Windows update catolog" appear bottom left.

Click it.

Click "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems"

Scroll Down "Windows XP SP1"

Click "search" (right lower)

Click "Critical Updates and Service Packs"

Wait a few seconds...

Choose what updates you want by clicking "Add"

Now click "Go to Download Basket"

Click "Browse" and choose the place where the updates will downloaded to.

Click "Download Now"

Accept the License.

Updates will download.

  powerless 20:45 07 Jul 2003

Form their you can burn 'em to CD etc etc.

  AdeJ 20:46 07 Jul 2003

Ta for that...

  H-J 20:55 07 Jul 2003


You're not the only one mate. I thought so too. must make sure not to run defrag on the old wetware while posting


  powerless 20:58 07 Jul 2003

I've missed something. What are you talking about? :-(

  crx1600 21:34 07 Jul 2003

H-J, click here or click here to download sp1 from MS.

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