Windows XP reinstallation CD

  jammy07 14:45 07 Jun 2011

My laptop completely crashed recently thanks to Vista trying to update itself, so I decided to up/downgrade to XP. I bought an OEM copy of XP Pro from Amazon; it was another seller, but it was fulfilled by Amazon.

However, upon opening it, it turns out to be a reinstallation CD for a dell computer, despite being clearly advertised as a full copy of XP Pro. Before I go shouting at the seller, can I just check whether this CD will work on a non-Dell PC which doesn't have XP installed already?

  Autoschediastic 15:47 07 Jun 2011

Jammy i hate to tell you this but a XP home/pro disc and a re installation disc are two totally different types, the first one is the operating system and the second one just resets everything as if youve just formatted the drive and put a fresh copy of the XP on the drive!

if the seller has sold u it as a "OEM copy of XP Pro" but it turns out its a Reinstalation disc they have sent you either the wrong disc in which i would get back to them and demand they send you what they sold you! or Grill them on the feedback and cancel the payment!

Let us know what happens! shame really ive just given two copies of XP Pro away to a person i dont really know!

  jammy07 15:59 07 Jun 2011

As I suspected. Thanks for your help. Let the shouting commence...

  Autoschediastic 18:40 07 Jun 2011

lol scream hard and loud! :-)

  PalaeoBill 20:39 07 Jun 2011

Have you tried to install and authenticate from them? I recently 'repaired' two Vista machines with XP Pro bought in the same manner as yours. The discs that arrived were Dell re-installation discs, they installed no problem on an Acer and a home build PC. The activation keys that came on the licence stickers worked just fine and were indeed unused and unregistered.

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