Windows XP Professional OEM - £79.99?!?!?!?!?

  Gaz W 15:29 18 Sep 2004

A while ago I posted a thread in the Helproom looking for the cheapest Windows XP Home Edition OEM disc I could find. I mentioned that I could get XP for £79.99 including VAT and delivery, but then I couldn't find the site where I'd seen it...

Well here it is: click here

Does this seem in any way dodgy to any of you? Has anyone had any experience with this company?

The one thing that puts me off slightly is that the website is only accessible if you remember to put https:// instead of http:// on the address.

I don't want to risk using this company if it's dodgy in any way, so hopefully someone on here might be able to assist me.

Otherwise, the cheapest I can get it is at CPU City (click here) - £95.18 excluding delivery.

  Noleg24 15:33 18 Sep 2004

Try click here you can get XP Home and XP Pro for very cheap and they come with SP2 aswell.

  Gaz W 15:42 18 Sep 2004

Ah, not a bad price...

I did look on ebuyer but couldn't find it the first time so the cheapest I found was CPU City.

And there's the option to get the one with just SP1 a bit cheaper, spend 25p on a blank CD and slipstream SP2 in (all legal) - while it's still available.

One problem... postage is £4.49 and that's with super saver! Surely the OEM version isn't that heavy - you only get a CD and a thin manual with a sticker!

By the way I'm aware I'll have to buy a piece of hardware as well... hopefully I can buy something cheap to cover that.

Anyway thanks for the suggestion,


  Exco 18:32 18 Sep 2004

You could try Redstore. XP Home OEM @ £59.63 and Pro OEM at £96.11

click here

  gobi 19:04 18 Sep 2004

Gaz W,

I thought for Win OEM, you have to buy a non-peripheral component too? I coudn't see the it is required in the first site that you mentioned (click here)

  Gaz W 23:32 18 Sep 2004

That's what I was wondering about as well. You DO have to buy a non-peripheral component, but this site doesn't seem to make that a requirement. However, since it would be going on systems I build I can't see how it would be breaking the law in not buying said component.

It does seem a bargain though that site I mentioned if it's not dodgy!

  Gaz W 23:34 18 Sep 2004

At least their background is a scan of a genuine CD ;)

  Gaz W 15:51 19 Sep 2004

Any ideas?

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