Windows XP Home versus OEM Recovery Discs

  [DELETED] 21:47 12 Sep 2003

I've ordered a new Mesh pc and when I asked the nice girl who took my order that I would like a proper OEM (or original) Windows XP Home installation disc, she explained that they are no longer getting these from Microsoft. I would therefore be getting the recovery disc. I am assuming that these recovery discs are images of a newly set up system including the other bundled extras like the free Tiscali ISP etc.Can I insist on having a proper installation disc? What are the major drawbacks/problems of NOT having the Windows XP Home disc? I recall having the same conversation with the Mesh salesperson three years ago when Microsoft first hinted that they were considering withdrawing the discs; but I got my copy of Win 98 SE from Mesh. How come I can buy an OEM XP Home from the likes of EBuyer for less than the upgrade disc but Mesh can't give me one when I'm giving them over a grand for a PC operating on Win XP Home.???

  [DELETED] 22:36 12 Sep 2003

Microsoft don't supply the discs to the OEMS. The OEMs get the operating systems supplied at a discount price from MS if they do certain things, a couple of which are provide all support themselves, and not supply installation media.

In effect you are paying for the OS to use on the computer you've purchased, so when you upgrade or change components in the PC, its not the PC you purchased.

  [DELETED] 22:49 12 Sep 2003

Confused!! What if I want to install an extra hard drive, change the graphics card and for example upgrade the processor 6 months from now.What difficulties am I going to experience? Is there an activation process with these recovery discs?

  [DELETED] 23:25 12 Sep 2003

Interesting! I must admit that my assumption of a recovery disk is what Hypno stated after your post i.e. an image of the c:\ drive as it left the OEM. I really do hope that you're right. If I have to I could buy an OEM from Ebuyer but that's another £70 odd quid! Have you (or anyone else) got one of the Mesh recovery discs? Any problems in doing clean installs with one of these, apart from loading all the other stuff bundled on the disc. I may well be worrying unecessarily (always the pessimist!). Anyone from Mesh like to contribute?

  [DELETED] 00:05 13 Sep 2003

Have a look here .
click here

Cd and licence included and all nesssesary driver discs included

  [DELETED] 08:46 13 Sep 2003

Bol Uwd. I have a Recovery disk with my new (well, a few weeks old now)Mesh. I haven't had reason to use it as yet, unsurprisingly. Maybe I'm unusual, but my other PC, a 3.75 year old Mesh running Windows 98SE has never had a reinstall of Windows and still runs fine. Personally, I wouldn't worry unduly.Just look forward to the day your new Mesh PC is delivered !

  [DELETED] 09:09 13 Sep 2003

Hi Wags. As you can see I've put in my order for the upgraded Mesh 2600 Premier (with 19"CRT). I bought my first Mesh back in May 2000 (a Matrix 600BXT). It's been very reliable. But I had to do a full reinstall back in December when it didn't agree with me installing an Audigy 2 soundcard and trying to upgrade to XP Home using the Windows upgrade disc.(an unactivated XP Home upgrade disc for sale!!) I was totally amazed at the difference in bootup time with a fresh, trim clean install! Unfortunately the 650Mhz slot A athlon is pretty gutless these days and the K7Pro MS6195 MoBo now belongs in the museum!

  [DELETED] 18:01 13 Sep 2003

Thanks for your inputs. I may never need to reinstall so it's no point worrying until I do. I've marked the post as being resolved and look forward to the delivery of my new Mesh. I'll let you know how it all pans out!

  [DELETED] 18:06 13 Sep 2003

For anyone to infer MS are no longer supplying OEM Windows CDs is somewhat misleading - it's Mesh that are clearly not choosing to use them. I can and do buy them for all my systems, from wholesalers in both Spain and the UK.

  [DELETED] 18:53 13 Sep 2003

not sure if they still do but last year the Mesh recovery disk was a full copy of xp, its just that as has been said above they are not allowed to call it a windows disk or have any reference to Microsoft or windows on the disk.

  AlanHo 09:12 15 Sep 2003

My Mesh is almost 12 months old and after a self inflicted problem I had the need to reformat the hard drive and reinstall windows from the Mesh recovery disc. It worked perfectly - the disc seems to be a full copy of Windows XP home.

I have also installed a second hard drive, a video editing card and cable internet modem and network card without problems.

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