Windows Vista RC1

  Jimmy14 18:58 04 Sep 2006

I am starting this thread to find out who has installed this and what everyone thinks of it. I would especially like to hear from the FE if he is currently testing this as you said that you have tested it since it became available. Anyone found any problems with it or are you happy with it. I have just installed it today after getting it from their website a few days ago before they reached the 100,000 mark. I like it very much and especially the speech recognition which has been improved (well so I've heard). Appreciate everyones views.


  ade.h 20:40 04 Sep 2006

I thought Vista wasn't available to download any more.

  Jimmy14 21:11 04 Sep 2006

It isn't???

  josie mayhem 21:20 04 Sep 2006

I missed it, but looking at a vista forum web site some of the screen shots looks good, awaiting public release hopefully tommorow or thursday....

Been using the beta two on my main computer and I must admit I do like it bugs and all....

  wizzboy 06:18 05 Sep 2006

i have been using Windows Vista RC1' for quite some time and testing it,its very good,but though i have sound i cant hear my dvds, it does take a long time to shut down,not many vista drivers out yet.

  Jdoki 14:24 05 Sep 2006

It's an Operating System - the only thing I want it to do is to reliably store my data and launch my apps.

The RC1 uses an inordinate amount of system resources - I can't see the final release using any less. I'd much rather see my APPS using my system resources than my OS. Transparent windows is not justification for an upgrade that seems to do everything that XP does but with slightly nicer icons and a more friendly feel - but so far, no real extra functionality.

It's also a nasty way of MS getting gamers to upgrade. DirectX10 will only ship with Vista, and many games are already being touted as enhanced when run under Vista (EVE Online, Crysis are going to be DX10/Vista enhanced and Halo 2 will be Vista Only despite being an old Xbox game capable of running under DirectX7).

So, great! I need to either upgrade my OS to play games at full detail or wait until I'm ready to upgrade my whole system - something I had not planned to do for about 9 months.

If the upgrade prices are to be believed this will not be a cheap ugrade or a cheap additional to a future PC build.

  Kate B 14:50 05 Sep 2006

josie - could you post a link to that Vista forum, please?

Don't forget Vista will ship with WGA inbuilt.

  anskyber 16:32 05 Sep 2006

Screenshots here. click here

  anskyber 16:47 05 Sep 2006

This may be better since its all Vista RC1 click here

  dth 17:33 05 Sep 2006

Electron99 - that is what puts me off.

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