Windows LiveOneCare ?

  freaky 13:46 10 Jan 2007

Just had an email from Microsoft and they are offering the above program on 90 days free trial.

It seems very comprehensive, anybody using it ?

click here

  kinger 18:08 10 Jan 2007

I haven't used it yet but believe that it's going to be very big and an important add-on.

I currently use one company for my spyware, anti-virus and firewall protection and it's much better than having to constantly update bits and pieces.

It will work well with Vista, apparently.

So, once my current vendor expires I shall certainly be using it.

No harm in trying it for 90 days, I'm sure.

  kinger 18:35 10 Jan 2007

“It's amazing. I like that is has everything, it's like driving a computer with airbags! I really like not having to worry about it -- I'm on the computer all the time, and it's very nice to know that I have that up to the minute protection.”
-Sharon, stained glass artist in South Carolina

“OneCare is very easy to operate. It makes it nice not having to hunt for spyware and virus programs and making sure they are up to date and running.”
-Richard, home computer user in Arizona

"I have always felt a bit vulnerable with a DSL connection, now I have the security of always on protection provided at a reasonable cost. In the past I would rarely back up files -- it wasn't something I thought about. Now I will back up my files on a regular basis, as I know I should."
-Jan, home computer user in Maryland

“The idea behind it, having a group of essential tools all working automatically in the background, is simply great.”
-Christopher, network analyst/software engineer in New York

"Just to let you know it is 'two thumbs up' for Windows Live OneCare!"
-Ron, Internet manager for car dealership in Texas

“We have been using OneCare for awhile - and have removed other similar packages from development computers and replaced them with OneCare. We are very pleased.”
-John, managing director of an Internet company in Kansas

“On Windows Live OneCare… all I have to say in one word: 'Awesome.' I've been servicing PCs for over 5 years, and never come across such a complete program. It does everything with just one click of the mouse.”
-Abdullah, PC consultant in New York

  freaky 18:38 10 Jan 2007

Since my original post above, I have done some reading about it.

Evidently it's been available in the USA for about 7-months at a cost of $49.95 for up to 3 Personal Computers, and $19.95 special offer to the Beta testers.

The program includes everything you need for PC security including a 2-way Firewall AV etc, plus auto PC cleaning and backup to CD or external HD !

  dmc727 18:56 10 Jan 2007

Following the link above Windows Live OneCare is currently available in the U.S. only.

See here: click here

Amazon UK say it isn't released in UK until 31 Jan 07 – they’re selling it for £34.00. : click here

Consumer magazine Which rate it was an excellent product. Looks like a product to watch.

  kinger 19:06 10 Jan 2007

31st Jan is MicroSoft main release date in UK it seems.

Vista, Live OneCare and, maybe, Office 2007?

  Newuser38 20:18 10 Jan 2007

Quite a bit on this before. click here I have the beta on test with Vista RC1. It has not been stretched because I do very little e-mailing on the test machine. The one thing it does regularily is remind me to back up. The beta expires at the end of January.

  freaky 21:30 10 Jan 2007

We have 3 PC's here, and I have downloaded and installed OneCare on the newest PC.

Each of the PC's has Windows Defender-AVG(free) and AVG Anti-Spyware plus the paid for Kerio Firewall.

During installation OneCare requested that AVG AV be uninstalled which I did.

OneCare appears to have disabled the Kerio Firewall as it sends a Pop-Up saying "cannot connect to service". So I presume this is a polite hint from OneCare that Kerio is redundant!

At the moment OneCare is busy doing a Virus Scan.

My initial impression is very positive about OneCare...but I will evaluate it further before I install it on the other two PC's.

  freaky 21:04 12 Jan 2007

If anybody is interested, then I am still very positive about OneCare, the interface is very comprehensive and similar to Windows Defender.

It is not apparent that it checks incoming mail for viruses as no signature is on the mail as per AVG. Also, there appears to be no way you can temporarily disable the Firewall.

They have an email help line, so I have contacted them about this and should have a reply shortly.

  vinnyT 04:08 13 Jan 2007

Glad you're happy with it.

I wouldn't be too happy that MSOC had disabled my firewall (paid for or not) without it first informing me. What has it replaced it with, the standard windows fwall, not the best. IMO.

  freaky 09:57 13 Jan 2007

" I wouldn't be too happy that MSOC had disabled my firewall (paid for or not) without it first informing me. What has it replaced it with, the standard windows fwall, not the best. IMO".

Windows Live OneCare installs it's own new 2-way Firewall that also disables the standard XP Firewall. As it is 2-way it is far superior to the default XP firewall.

Hope that answers the point you have raised.

I also received an email from Microsoft today, confirming that LOC does in fact check incoming email for viruses.

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