Windows Live Onecare ?

  freaky 21:00 16 Mar 2007

Been trying this out since 10/01/07 on one of my PC's. Have had no problems in using it, and like the interface.

The test of any Security software is how it performs when threats are present. So far it has not detected anything, thus I don't know if its good or bad !

The Firewall is informative and requests permission for certain programs to have access.

Am approaching the end of the free trial, and will need to decide yes/no whether to buy it. We have another two PC's networked and for about £30 I could install it on each.

There have been some negative reports in PCA blogs stating it has failed some tests...but this could be due to the tester's having vested interests !

Would be interested to hear from other members who are using this program.

  keverne 22:30 16 Mar 2007

Never mind the PCA blogs writing it off.

This is from a member of the Microsoft engineering team:
click here

  freaky 10:06 17 Mar 2007

Sounds reassuring !

Are you using LOC ?

  keverne 10:31 17 Mar 2007

Not likely!

  Forum Editor 11:53 17 Mar 2007

"........this could be due to the tester's having vested interests !"

Eh? What vested interests would they be then?

  freaky 12:30 17 Mar 2007

(If)....LOC does what it's supposed to do, then it's a very attractive comprehensive product which is reasonably priced.

As a result it would seriously effect the sales of other vendors security packages. Consequently they have vested interests in preventing this happening.

They can do this by subjecting LOC to tests that might be biased in favour of their own products, and publishing the results.

This is the situation now, and I am suspicious.

  SteveWH 12:53 17 Mar 2007

I am using LOC seemed a good deal to me I think the disappointing test results are probably accurate but take comfort from the fact that whatever else we say about Microsoft they do work to bring their products up to scratch.

  birdface 09:55 18 Mar 2007

When you pay for something you expect it to be the best,If this was a free version they still would not queue up to use it,Some folk like it,But for me,Not worth the money.

  freaky 20:54 13 Apr 2007

Well despite the doubts and criticism's mentioned above I have decided to purchase LOC.

We have 3 PC's here and one of them has been using LOC on free trial since January.

Have now installed it on the other two PC's !

As a result the following are now redundant and have been removed: -

a)Windows Defender
b)AVG free
c)AVG Anti-Spyware
d)Sunbelt Software Kerio Firewall (after much hassle!).

So am now 'keeping my fingers crossed!".

  freaky 19:13 21 Apr 2007

Last report and then I will close this subject.

All working great and find that the PC's are booting quicker. Also notice that when LOC is scanning for viruses/spyware, or running Tune-Up, it only marginally slows the operation of other programs. This is a definite improvement compared with what I was using before.

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