windows on ebay?!

  DrScott 17:52 18 Dec 2005

I've been looking for a windows OS for a friend's computer which seems to have a bust OS, and thought I'd have a look at ebay. Now, I originally intended to by Windows 98 or 2000 or ME, but I thought I'd see if XP came up. And it did! Now, some of the copies seem very dodgy, but others come in their packaging with a COA. Are any of these likely to be legit? Or likely to be OEMs being sold on? Anyone have any experience of this?

  Stuartli 18:12 18 Dec 2005
  GaT7 18:38 18 Dec 2005

To be on the safe side I'd suggest get WinXP Home from click here or click here. G

  DrScott 14:43 19 Dec 2005 always... I

Interesting thread that Stuartli. Only thing, is that some of these products were only about £10 - 20 cheaper than the OEM versions sold by online stores. Still, I think it's likely they are dodgy, despite their adverts of being 100% genuine.

Thanks Crossbow7... I'm not a big fan of ebuyer really. Prefer

So how do ebay sellers get away with it? Surely their actions are illegal? Or at least fraudulent?

  GaT7 18:00 19 Dec 2005

Actually some of the OEM versions on Ebay are perfectly OK - at least in terms of authenticity. I know because I purchased one myself several months ago. It came sealed with hologrammed CD, COA, Product Key & getting started guide. And it got activated, once by telephone & another time online, with no hassle at all (twice, because I'd messed with Windows beyond repair & had to do a fresh reinstall). It also passes the Windows Genuine Advantage scan (click here) every time, prior to downloading certain updates. Finally I did install it on a *new* self-build system.

Technically though (& also as the rules were recently changed click here) it's illegal for any sell these, & likewise anyone to purchase them, as only registered Microsoft Authorized Distributors can sell them to registered OEM System Builders click here. (More links click here.)

I'm not sure why Ebuyer sells them to the general public, & becomes even more confusing if one looks at the bottom of those 2 Ebuyer links I'd posted earlier:

* One says: "Hardware is not required to accompany the sale"
* While the other says, "Microsoft OEM Operating system software MUST be purchased with a non-peripheral hardware component or fully assembled computer system. Non-peripheral hardware consists of a motherboard, graphics card, memory module, hard disk, keyboard or mouse."

I guess they're really meant to be purchased by registered System Builders only (& installed in a new PC), & MS trusts (& hopes!) that most people will adhere to their OEM rules.

<<So how do ebay sellers get away with it? Surely their actions are illegal? Or at least fraudulent?>>
Ebay sellers get away with these things because (I reckon) it's too huge a marketplace to check if *every* item is genuine or not.

However, if you come across 'illegal' items, you're fully within your rights to complain to Ebay using their means of doing so at click here. A few things to know concerning this click here, click here & click here. More to read in their Help section at click here. G

  DrScott 10:48 20 Dec 2005

I think part of it is that a lot of the windows discs are not advertised as OEM, though I have to assume most of them are.

Still thanks for the input. I'm not sure it's entirely worth the risk of buying such a thing on ebay, plus I'd be worried the product wouldn't activate anyway. And I'd have that nagging guilt of copyright infringement!

  SG Atlantis® 11:23 20 Dec 2005

it's not coyright infringement, you'd be breaking the EULA terms and conditions.

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