Windows display doesn't fit on my TV screen

  hallamj 21:26 24 May 2006

I have a media centre set-up, i.e I'm using my Pc with a television and my problem is that the whole Windows display doesn't fit on the entire TV screen, i.e the task bar at the bottom is only half visible and the sides are cut off. The TV is one of those where you press a button to shift the dimensions to letterbox/auto/zoom etc. but none of them fix the problem.
Even when you have the screen on the smallest setting, so that there are black bands down both sides and top and bottom, the edges of the Windows screen are still chopped off!
Has anyone experienced this problem?
the TV works just fine on its own... Anyone know what might be causing it?

I am using a 28 inch widescreen TV, PC with XP Pro and an MSI Nvidia 5200 128Mb graphics card. The connection to the TV is from my card's S-Video output to the scart connector.

  Joe R 21:31 24 May 2006


most televions have a natural resolution of 725 x 576 pixels, wheras most p.c.s resolutions start at 800 x 600, which means you are not going to get the full picture any way.

You will need a HD ready T.V. to display a full desktop.

  GaT7 23:42 24 May 2006

The TV's widescreen aspect, which is 16:9, may be the problem here - PC monitors have a 4:3 aspect ratio. Try a monitor res of 1280x720 or 1152x648 (the latter, if possible) - both of which are 16:9 - to see if it makes it any better.

I haven't connected my PC to TV for a long time, but it was fine the last time I did. The monitor res was 800x600 (which is 4:3), while the TV was a standard 4:3 set. G

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