Windows for a clear price??

  muscic lover 22:03 21 Mar 2005

How much did you pay for a copy of Bill Gates all singing (?) windows XP??

How much does it cost nowadays?

Is it worth the upgrade from windows Me???

answers to the usual address!

  Forum Editor 23:27 21 Mar 2005

Full version home edition - £168 or thereabouts

Full version Professional edition - £235 or thereabouts

Both editions with SP2

Worth the upgrade? Definitely.

  TomJerry 23:42 21 Mar 2005

We pay £20 for each XP pro we install under volume license.

  howard60 06:49 22 Mar 2005

TomJerry - what a great price - I wonder if we using this forum could set up our own company and all get it for £20 there would never be any illegal copies at that rate.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:33 22 Mar 2005

As you have ME, buy the upgrade version and save yourself a few pounds.

  JonnyTub 08:53 22 Mar 2005

I bought my copy soon after it was first released and I didn't get much change out of £500 (if i remember rightly).

Worth the upgrade - Definitely, absolutely, yes.

  Micro-Man 13:06 22 Mar 2005

I bought an oem version of XP Pro for about £120 from an Amazon reseller just over a year ago.

Recently bought Norton Ghost 9 and Partition Magic 8 for under £20 each. Even Norton Internet Security 2005 was available for not much more.

All programs new and genuine. Clearly the route to take!

  oresome 13:18 22 Mar 2005

I can't see the sense in purchasing operating software at retail prices. Get it bundled with the hardware when you upgrade the PC.

  CurlyWhirly 09:13 23 Mar 2005

I go along with FE, Windows XP is a very stable operating system and well worth the asking price.
By the way, I don't work for Microsoft (wish I did!)

  Belatucadrus 10:20 23 Mar 2005

Don't forget to check the system requirements for XP. Load it on some older machines and they'll scream once before keeling over in shock.

  Aspman 10:57 23 Mar 2005

Buy it somewhere like Scan or Ebuyer. You'll need to buy a small HD or some other bit of kit with XP but then you can pick up an OEM copy.

Make sure your PC is up to the job of running XP. It's a lardy bit of kit and you might be dissapointed if your PC isn't up to it.

I would suggest (from experience) a P3 (not celeron) 1GHz+ and 256MB or ram and a 10Gb HD (7200rpm if possible).

Otherwise wait and get it with your next machine.

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