Windows Advisor?

  rickf 09:49 07 Sep 2004

Has anyone received the above in the post with a sub of £14.67? It is a 632 page Advisor on MS 98, ME and XP OS. Looks very ineteresting and possibly helpful as a guide. Any opinions from the forum?

  Stuartli 12:20 07 Sep 2004

Forums such as these, along with the Internet, are free and you can pinpoint or discover exactly what you need to do to solve virtually any problem.

  spuds 13:34 07 Sep 2004

I get this offer on a regular basis. Check the price and details of the updates.Was a copy of the special issue September/October 2004 Issue price £5.95 enclosed.What did you get for that!.

They do offer 5 free super cd's ;o)

  rickf 13:45 07 Sep 2004

Same Spuds but I have not subscribed and might not. Just thought its might be a useful thing to have and yes 5CDs.

  geoff47 23:59 14 Sep 2004

I have just recieved my "offer" and read and re read it....then came on here and searched for "windows advisor".....and I am glad I did.This is not the only thread on this matter,at least one other...and thats enough for me.
My main concern is where they got my name and address......I normally use my first initial on documents....but use Geoff on the web...and that is how they addressed me.Now I am paranoid about who sold on my is a worry.....considering I use bank details at times on the web....have these people got them aswell?

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