Windows 8 Pro

  morddwyd 10:02 05 Mar 2013

If anyone's interested Windows 8 Pro is currently available for £45 from the MS Store

(Repeated Win8 helproom)

  Bing.alau 11:55 05 Mar 2013

I'm still using XP. Will it be better for me to buy one of these discs or wait until the next improvement. They seem to come too thick and fast for my liking. Of course I am an old stick in the mud type. If I start reading the details of newer systems, I get more and more confused and decide to stick with what I have got. But advice from the sensible people on here might be heeded.

  Forum Editor 13:20 05 Mar 2013

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  Forum Editor 13:26 05 Mar 2013


Mainstream support for Windows XP ended in 2009, and although extended support will continue until the Spring of 2014 that doesn't apply to the home consumer.

Your copy of Windows will become increasingly out of date, and potentially vulnerable to new security threats - my advice is to upgrade as soon as possible.

  HondaMan 14:32 05 Mar 2013

Your copy of Windows will become increasingly out of date, and potentially vulnerable to new security threats - my advice is to upgrade as soon as possible.

That is precisely why I am thinking of changing to a Mac!

  wee eddie 15:06 05 Mar 2013

HondaMan: Macs are not immune to the "Out of Date" OS Syndrome either

  HondaMan 15:50 05 Mar 2013

Maybe not, but I like the way they do things!

  hssutton 18:29 05 Mar 2013

I had no intention of 'upgrading to W8, but on receiving the email from PCAdvisor and seeing the price I immediately ordered it.

  wee eddie 21:29 05 Mar 2013

It strikes me that this low price is to persuade Business to adopt it.

However, I don't see Business, in general, galloping to adopt W8 until M$ provide a permanent bypass to their Toy-Town Front Page.

OK, I know that you can get Workarounds from any number that Geeks have written. I mean a permanent M$ W8 Solution.

Roll on SP1!

  sunnystaines 07:59 06 Mar 2013

to see w8 at its best visit a sony centre,they have them set up to perfection and will demonstrate their speed and all the functions, found pcw,tesco,selfridges, and some JL stores the laptops are poorly set up slow and sluggish with poor staff knowledge.

JL, oxford st, london is an excellent place to visit staff very helpful and laptops set up well.

  spuds 11:39 06 Mar 2013

Like all these changes, its a case of own experiences and finance availabilities. I have lost count of the times I have been told that the latest Microsoft product is far better than the previous products, and the latest product is a 'must have'.

My local hospitals seem to still use XP. Personally I still feel safe with XP Home and Pro, even though I have ME, Vista and Windows 7 on other computer's. Vista and W7 wasn't of my choosing, they came pre-installed with the new computer purchases I made at the time.

On another personal note, I always get slightly suspicious when products have sudden price drops, especially on software or other IT gizmo's.

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