Windows 7 laptop

  gengiscant 10:55 23 Jan 2010

Looking to buy a windows 7 laptop, or should I go the VISTA route with upgrade? Will have around about £500 to spend.
I do not expect it to play the latest games, but be able to handle H O G games and the likes of Plants Versus Zombies or Zuma reasonable well would be good.

  bremner 11:15 23 Jan 2010

Do not "go the VISTA route with upgrade".

get a machine with W7 on it. make sure you get a minimum 2GB of RAM - more if you can

I am not recommending this but displaying it solely as an example click here=

  961 16:10 23 Jan 2010

There is absolutely NO reason to buy a new laptop now without Windows 7 installed

Don't think of going there!

You won't get much discount for buying a vista machine and you'll have to pay extra for the "free"upgrade disks, quite apart from all the hassle of downloading new W7 drivers etc

And the latest Windows 7 laptops are often cheaper than the old Vista jobbies, quite apart from having all the latest drivers and software installed by the maker

  gengiscant 18:23 23 Jan 2010

Thanks folks,so no vista.
I am leaning towards an Acer Timeline or a Sony Vaio.
This will be the first laptop I have bought, I did have a Toshiba P10-504, A cast off. Very heavy so not particularly portable.

So a suggestions gratefully received.

  961 18:34 23 Jan 2010

Acer gets good reviews

  morddwyd 09:19 24 Jan 2010

Just bought an Acer, the 5738 PG touchscreen.

Outside your pricerange, so I'm not suggesting it, but I'm well pleased with what I've seen so far.

Bit heavy though, so check your weights carefully, chances are any Acer you buy will have a similar battery, probably the heaviest component after the screen.

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