Windows 10 upload caused no internet connection

  David 21:01 08 Jul 2019

Hello, I decided to update my Dell laptop to Windows10 which is supposed to be compatible. I purchased the product but I could not upload it. I phoned Microsoft and spoke to an engineer who remotely accessed my laptop and proceeded with the upload. Once the upload was complete he asked me to follow the the online instructions and grant him remote access to finish off the set up. That's when it became clearly evident that my laptop was not working. I no longer had wifi and some of the functions did not work. Over a period of 2 whole days they tried to find a solution form using my old lap tops to download drives onto a USB stick for me to upload on the effected laptop, cintacting Dell for help, who said it was not compatible even though their website clearly started it was, to buying an Ethernet cable which still do not grant me internet access.

Microsoft insists they can only repair this over the phone however, they cannot access the laptop remotely and my old laptop no longer works. I would like them to physically repair it but they refuse and they will not reimburse me for any costs to repair. I cannot talk to anyone in authority and complaining just seems pointless as they seem disinterested. I want to take them to the UK small claims court. Do you think I have a chance? Is there any other way they will take responsibility for their actions?



  lotvic 23:58 08 Jul 2019

I can't advise on the UK small claims subject, maybe FE (Forum Editor) will comment.
Did you buy the Upgrade to Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store? as it hasn't worked have you received/requested a refund?

However, as the laptop is a Dell, perhaps you could try to reset it back to factory settings, instructions click here

  Secret-Squirrel 11:37 09 Jul 2019

David, after upgrading to Windows 10 there's an option to go back to your previous version of Windows and your Windows 7 should be exactly like it was before that pesky upgrade. Have a read below if you're not familiar with it - note that the "downgrade" option is time-limited and may not be entirely successful:

I want to take them to the UK small claims court

Who? Dell, Microsoft, or both? What are you claiming for and how much compensation do you think you're due?

The Microsoft terms and conditions, which have to be agreed to during the installation, say that they're not responsible if things go wrong. If however it was the Microsoft technician who agreed to those terms and not you then you may have a case.

......cintacting Dell for help, who said it was not compatible even though their website clearly started it was

If you can provide evidence for those claims then you may have a case for getting your laptop fixed for free.

However, I think your best option is to go back to your previous version of Windows then get a refund for Windows 10 from Microsoft.

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