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Windows 10 reserve a download

  iscanut 12:20 01 Jun 2015

Has anyone else seen the small icon in the task bar advising that you can now reserve a download of the full version of Windows 10 ?

  sunnystaines 08:19 04 Jun 2015

I have two laptops with same email do i reserve the download on each or just one?

had a nightmare trying to post on here keep getting asked for my name and email then when completed the screen greys out when submit is pressed, if this has been duplicated dozens of times sorry but cannot see all the other attempts.

  MikeDoran 22:34 10 Jun 2015
  iscanut 20:39 11 Jun 2015

Thanks Mike, just the job !

  Quickbeam 08:17 01 Jul 2015

I have the W10 updater showing a newish Lenovo, but not on a 3 year old HP...? Does this mean that only the one PC will qualify? And will Office 2007 be compatible?

  iscanut 11:33 01 Jul 2015

Should apply to each pc. If you have been getting monthly Windows updates on your 3 year old HP then you should be getting the updater icon unless it is running Vista. What os does the HP run on ? Office 2007 should be OK. If you have that on your Lenovo, then it will have checked it and advised you that it is OK.

  iscanut 11:33 08 Jul 2015

This link may help anyone with further questions regarding the Windows 10 upgrade. click here

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