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Windows 10 reserve a download

  iscanut 12:20 01 Jun 2015

Has anyone else seen the small icon in the task bar advising that you can now reserve a download of the full version of Windows 10 ?

  iscanut 15:19 01 Jun 2015

Does anyone knowing the install of Win 10 will be reversible ?

  iscanut 15:20 01 Jun 2015

Sorry about the grammar , typing on my IPad rather than my Pc.

  chub_tor 19:47 01 Jun 2015

I have been trialling the preview editions of Win 10 since its launch. I will install it as soon as it is available.

  morddwyd 20:16 01 Jun 2015

Nothing in my taskbar, and no notification in Windows update either.

Perhaps it's only Internet Explorer, though I should be porpoised if Microsoft run the risk of upsetting the EU again.

  onthelimit1 20:20 01 Jun 2015

Yes, icon just appeared in the taskbar.

  onthelimit1 12:36 03 Jun 2015

Yes. Drivers for printer etc is my concern too.

  iscanut 13:32 03 Jun 2015

My scanner is not compatible with Win 8 and neither is Microsoft Office 2003 so I have stayed with Win 7. However, Microsoft say that my computer is ready for Win 10 and does not say that these two are incompatible. Until I know for sure, I will not upgrade for the time being.

  john bunyan 15:15 03 Jun 2015

My desktop is not compatible and has no icon. Laptops do have the icon. Will stay on W7 on desktop until PC gets Alzheimer's and will see how others get on with w10 before switching laptops from w7

  mole1944 18:44 03 Jun 2015

I too have gone for the win 10 download,one works of caution make a clone of your drive before you install it,then if it goes belly up well at least you can revert back to your old system.

  AroundAgain 21:54 03 Jun 2015

Hi Iscanut I installed MS Office 2003 onto Windows 8 (since upgraded to 8.1) PC and it's working well

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