Windows 10 reserve a download

  iscanut 12:20 01 Jun 2015

Has anyone else seen the small icon in the task bar advising that you can now reserve a download of the full version of Windows 10 ?

  rdave13 12:46 01 Jun 2015

I'll check now. According to here, will be available 29 July.

  rdave13 12:48 01 Jun 2015

Yes, its showing.

  iscanut 15:19 01 Jun 2015

Does anyone knowing the install of Win 10 will be reversible ?

  iscanut 15:20 01 Jun 2015

Sorry about the grammar , typing on my IPad rather than my Pc.

  rdave13 15:52 01 Jun 2015

I'll be creating an image just before installing. Latest preview very stable. Personally I like the improvements made.

  chub_tor 19:47 01 Jun 2015

I have been trialling the preview editions of Win 10 since its launch. I will install it as soon as it is available.

  morddwyd 20:16 01 Jun 2015

Nothing in my taskbar, and no notification in Windows update either.

Perhaps it's only Internet Explorer, though I should be porpoised if Microsoft run the risk of upsetting the EU again.

  onthelimit1 20:20 01 Jun 2015

Yes, icon just appeared in the taskbar.

  onthelimit1 12:36 03 Jun 2015

Yes. Drivers for printer etc is my concern too.

  iscanut 13:32 03 Jun 2015

My scanner is not compatible with Win 8 and neither is Microsoft Office 2003 so I have stayed with Win 7. However, Microsoft say that my computer is ready for Win 10 and does not say that these two are incompatible. Until I know for sure, I will not upgrade for the time being.

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