Win98 to Win98SE upgrade?

  [email protected] 16:44 05 Sep 2003

Last year I inherited an oldish PC running Windows 98, and I now wanted to upgrade the OS, probably to Win98 Special Edition. This mainly because I have found that some downloads/digicams etc require it. Is Win98SE worth it, or could the PC cope with ME or Win2000? Basic spec is AMD 333Mhz chip, 250MB RAM and around 2Gb HD space remaining.


  Forum Editor 19:03 05 Sep 2003

I would tend to stick at Win98SE (it stands for Second Edition by the way).

  R4 19:42 05 Sep 2003

Best to Stay with Win98 and update to Win98SE
The information for the upgrade try :-
click here

  Tim1964 19:42 05 Sep 2003

It's a higher spec than mine which had ME on it.

I suppose it depends on the price difference between the OS's

  [email protected] 19:43 05 Sep 2003


What exactly gets over written when installing new "older" 98SE OS software. e.g. for the last year I have been downloading the Windows software updates; would any of this be replaced? I was also wondering whether in fact some of the improvements one would get with 98SE come via the 'back door' with some of these updates. Wishful thinking probably:-) At around £120 mark the software is not too cheap.


  R4 20:11 05 Sep 2003

Quite a bit of the main system is updated plus additional functionality.

I got my update CD from MS Ireland for a whole £2 (that was in 1999) Part No.X04-73181 and requires a Product Key (supplied). You may be able to download it but it is quite large.


  [email protected] 23:02 05 Sep 2003

Thanks, Couldn't see this on MS site, although did notice that Amazon do 98SE for £50. Why do the software boxes state "For PCs without windows"?? I am a former Mac user by the way:-)


  Forum Editor 23:22 05 Sep 2003

"For PCs without windows" because the software is an OEM version. That means that it will not be directly supported by Microsoft, and technically should only be installed on one computer - ever.

Strictly speaking, it's a contravention of the terms of the Microsoft OEM agreement for a vendor to sell an OEM copy of Windows without any accompanying hardware, but it seems to happen all the time.

  krypt1c 06:02 06 Sep 2003

This is what's required for WindowsME click here
and for W2KPro click here

  anchor 08:42 06 Sep 2003

As I recall, there is a problem is using a full installation disc for either Win-98SE or Win-ME to upgrade a previous existing installation of an earlier version of Windows. That`s why the boxes say "For PCs without windows".

You should use an upgrade disc. I seem to recall that there is a way round this, but for for the life of me I cannot remember. Perhaps someone can.

  [email protected] 10:13 08 Sep 2003

Thanks all. I have done a search for a 98SE 'Upgrade', but no joy. Any ideas? The full product, sometimes states for "Platform: Windows 95" - which I must admit is a little concerning.

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