Win XP - size DOES matter!

  Southernboy 13:31 09 Mar 2005

What IS it with WinXP?

For several years now I have run W98SE on a Mesh PC with my Mitsubishi 17" Diamondtron monitor (bought as a PCA "best buy") set at 800x600. This gives an image I can easily read and am comfortable with.

My new Evesham with XP has been set up with the same monitor and the same settings, but the images are SO much smaller! Why is this?

I have partially compensated by setting windows at large icons and fonts, but this does not help with the applications. My office suite is Lotus 9.7 and I have nearly 100 Databases and Spreadsheets, all of which are now too small the read comfortably. Everytime I use one, I have to increase the font and column size in order to be able to read it, and then reduce it if I wish to print it out.

As far as MS Money is concered, it is even worse as it is not possible to alter the font size on the display. And altering the font size would only add further difficulties as one the smaller column sizes are fixed.

I have tried these programmes on my son's Evesham PC and the effect is the same.

Am I the only person who finds XP difficult the read on the screen? Goodness knows how anyone can read it at higher resolutions.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:49 09 Mar 2005

Is your new monitor a TFT or CRT?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:50 09 Mar 2005

Sorry, daft question... it's the same monitor! Don't know why it is smaller.

  peg leg 17:09 09 Mar 2005

Hi southernboy
I have a new PC with a ViewSonic 19" TFT monitor.

Like you I also had trouble with font sizes when I run it at the advised resolution of 1280x1024 the words are very small until I alter the resolution to 1024x768 when everything is fine,also I still get prompted to alter the resolution to 1280x1024 everytime I start the PC.

  It's Me 17:23 09 Mar 2005

If you go to Settings, then Display, you should be able to alter the resolution to a comfortable size. For some reason, which I don't understand, all the 'experts' that I come into contact with, seem to like very small type faces on their screen, so small that they have to have their nose 2 inches from it,; they claim it is because they can get so much more onto the screen at one time, although I think it is some sort of macho thing myself. My PC was set up like yours when I received it and like you I retained the old monitor. However, check the setting, mine is now set at 800x600 and is very comfortable.

  Chegs ® 18:22 09 Mar 2005

I run a 21" with the resolution set at 1600x1200.I then spend a few minutes altering IE browser setting to "Ignore font sizes specified"and larger icons.I also use StyleXP to further increase fonts onscreen.If I set resolution at 1024x768,I can almost read the onscreen text from 2 streets away. :-)

  wiz-king 18:39 09 Mar 2005

I find it easier to have my screen at 800 x 600 to make things easier to read, I also alter 'view' on Excel spread sheets to 90% to make them easier to view, I am at home now so cant tell you the setting I have on Lotus as I havent got it on this new computer yet as I havent loaded it yet.

  TomJerry 18:45 09 Mar 2005

"peg leg", get back to 1280x1024, why waste it when you got it, TFT is best set at its native resolution

right click desktop, select "propertoies", select "setting", select "apperance", chose large font and then click "Advanced", from there you can set what font and what side you want for your menu and what icon size and icon gap you want, basically, you can change to any appearance to your heart desire, best font for me is "Microsoft San Serif"

"Southernboy", try it

everyone should do this when they first got PC up running

"It's Me", those experts are not expert.

  The Spires 22:36 09 Mar 2005

Looks like click here is needed on this thread. ;-)

  Southernboy 13:10 10 Mar 2005

My monitor is still set at 800x600, but the display is very much smaller than 800x600 with W98SE. In fact, if I did not know better, I would think it was set at 1024x768!! It is all very well having more on the screen but how does that help if you cannot read it?

I have already adjusted the font and icon size for XP. but that does not help me with Money and Lotus. I fail to understand how anyone expects users of MS Money to be able to read it at higher resolutions than 800x600. I find it quite difficult to use now.

With Lotus, I used font 7 for Approach, 10 for 1-2-3 and 12 for Word Pro. I have had to increase the font size for Approach to 9, which cocks-up all my print-outs. 1-2-3 does not seem to be too much affected except that one is now forced to use DDMMYYYY for dates (instead of DDMMYY), which again cocks-up my printouts. Word Pro now requires slightly larger fonts, but the texts now looks spidery, even in bold.

So, my question is this - is XP designed to not only display smaller images, but to export those smaller imagines to application software.

Whay about accessibility features. How do visually impaired users manage?

  Southernboy 13:16 10 Mar 2005

I already wear Specsavers bifocals especially designed for computer use. The distance to my monitor was carefully measured so that I could clearly read it and also be able to read papers on my desk.

After having spent a large wedge of cash to buy these spectacles, I do not take kindly to Microsoft's attempts to render them useless!!

In any event, the screen is quite clear. It would take a magnifying glass to read the text.

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