Win XP Disc & COA from Ebay - any advice?

  quaggydog 14:45 21 Apr 2005

Does anyone have any experiences (good/bad) of purchsing "brand new, full editions, with COA key" Windows XP discs (usually OEM versions) from Ebay. They sound like good deals (sometimes as low as 20 quid) but I can't help thinking there must be a catch.

  Kate B 14:48 21 Apr 2005

Remember the old adage - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I'd avoid such a vendor - you have no idea how the software has been sourced and you might even find that once you install it and try to activate it, it's already been activated, in which case you are, to use the technical term, stuffed.

  ventanas 15:05 21 Apr 2005

If it's OEM don't touch it. The fact that it has a COA is irrelevant.

  Pooke100 15:48 21 Apr 2005

Main thing about buying on Ebay, check out the seller:

1. Don't go near them if they ain't got 100% feedback.

2. Check there history it'll tell how long they've been a member and any user ID changes.

3. Email some of the buyers about they're experience with the seller.

And use your gut feelings and instinct. There's no guarantee that it'll turn out to be a good deal.

Kate B's and ventanas' opinions are exactly what I would say in regards to buying XP on Ebay.


  @[email protected]!c 19:02 21 Apr 2005

i recently bought a certificate of authenticity from ebay(already had the o.em. disc)and it installed and activated no prob's...but as the rest say..its vital to pick a good seller..even if you do it still may be a risk..but most will refund as i have seen before on ebay..just be cautious..regards akanic

  quaggydog 14:31 22 Apr 2005

What is actually WRONG with an OEM version?

  vinnyT 14:43 22 Apr 2005

Don't be sorry to be 'thick', be proud;-))

There are 2 vers you can buy, oem and retail (full or upgrade).

So, if you buy an oem copy, it may have already been registered (as stated above), the prob is that oem copies are (supposed to be) locked to one machine and your key will (should) be rejected.

Whereas a retail copy, including the upgrade ver, can be moved from pc to pc (so long as it's only on 1 pc at a time).

Hope this makes some sense.

  quaggydog 16:57 22 Apr 2005

OK - now becoming clearer. So, if OEM copies are meant to be locked to one machine, how is this being circumvented. (I assume, given the large number of "satisfied" ebay customers, that this locking is being successfully circumvented.)

  Totally-braindead 18:51 22 Apr 2005

I don't think what vinnyT has said is entirely correct, as I am given to understand it you can install your OEM copy on another machine, the only Windows that I know of that are locked to a particular machine are the ones that come as a restore disk such as you would get with say a Dell or an Emachine system or HP and the like.

With an OEM copy you would just have to inform Microsoft that you had blanked the other computer and XP with this serial number was only on the one computer. Microsofts main concern is that each genuine copy of XP is only installed on one PC.

The difference with the 2 copies are OEM has to be bought at the same time as buying some hardware but this can be virtually anything, a new mouse or a stick of memory for example. The other difference is support, the OEM copy does not give you the same level of after sales support from Microsoft but to be entirely honest with you I don't know the specifics of this. I'm sure someone else will clarify this if you wish.

Regarding buying XP from Ebay I wouldn't for 3 reasons.
1 - You may get a copy, it may look genuine but theres no guarantee of it and you may only find out sometime later that its a copy.
2 - Presuming you get an original you may find that someone has already used the serial number.
3 - An OEM copy of Windows XP only costs about £65 bearing this in mind personally I'd rather spend that than spend say £40 or £50 on something which may turn out not to be genuine.

  flysistah 18:55 22 Apr 2005

I purchased Windows Xp pro on Ebay last December.
It cost me £23 incl p&p and its still working perfectly( much,much better than Windows ME that came with my PC!)
I was worried at first about buying on Ebay so I took a chance and bought a copy that was cheap so I didn't loose too much if it all went wrong.I made sure obviously that the vendor had loads of good feedback and I asked questions before- he got back within the hour and I got the disc a couple of days after purchase.
I was also confused about the activation thing but he said it auto-activates which was true as I check the system files after installation
I just bought some more software Office 2003 pro for £20 off the same vendor and thats works perfectly aswell.
So I've had a v good experience with Ebay but u need to do take precautions such as note feedback; maybe email questions;ask if they'll give u contact no. address

  quaggydog 19:08 22 Apr 2005

Thanks everyone. Flysistah, who was your ebay vendor?

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