Win 7 Pro or Win 8.1? Need to decide today

  compumac 09:20 12 Oct 2014

Tomorrow morning I am going to order my new custom built PC. Over the past week I have contemplated from Win7 to Win 8.1 and back again. I really need to make a decision by tonight. I know that there have been many postings on this in the past and I just want to take a quick poll during today on peoples Win 7 Pro or Win 8.1??

  Border View 09:34 12 Oct 2014

Never used Windows 8 or 8.1. Just bought a new laptop specifically because it came with Windows 7.

  compumac 09:49 12 Oct 2014


Have used Win 8 for a short time whilst trying to sort out problems with her laptop and that is all.

Have Galaxy tablets and smartphones.

I have been going back and forth for the past few days and had settled on Win 8.1 but read a fairly comprehensive post last night on the merits of both and it threw me back into the fray.

  wee eddie 10:51 12 Oct 2014

Go for W8 ~ If the rumours are correct, you should get a Free/Cheap Upgrade to W10, somewhere along the line.

  compumac 10:53 12 Oct 2014

Anyone had experience of Classic Shell which allows you to change Win 8 to a classic desktop as per click here

  wee eddie 12:25 12 Oct 2014

Jock1e: had MS provided an alternative shell themselves, that mimicked W7, XP, or whichever, W8 would not have been the turkey it has become.

  spuds 12:42 12 Oct 2014

I have W7 on two computer's, which provide a very excellent and alternative changeover from WXP. I never thought that I would have said that.

Recently I also purchased a Levono laptop and Acer Aspire desktop on special offer from Argos. W8/W8.1 is just not for me, its seems to have to many confusing issues and difficulties. But hopefully, if and when Microsoft offer W10 upgrade for free, then I will most certainly take up the offer. And that's probably how I am basing W8/W8.1 at the moment.

  spuds 13:05 12 Oct 2014

Perhaps a suggestion!

You could purchase W8.1 with the hope of the free upgrade later, and also have the hard-drive partitioned and install a copy of W7. Prices for W7 are reducing, and some retailer's have purchased W7 stock to last well into next year. I can buy genuine surplus stock of W7 at around the £40/£50 mark complete package.

  compumac 13:55 12 Oct 2014


No need to apologise, you were not going off the topic but adding much needed thought.

I have been at it (perhaps wrong terminology) for many years now and just though that I would approach PC's with a more updated attitude. I must say that having this rethink has been somewhat enlightening.

I will probably go for Win 8 and add Office 365 Personal, this particular aspect is giving me some grief as it appears that you can obtain Office 365 in different flavours depending on your point of purchase, there are a number of different prices for ostensibly the same product. It was noted elsewhere that the product can be obtained from third party suppliers, so why would anyone go to a third party supplier when seemingly Microsoft direct offers the cheapest price, especially as it is a reoccurring annual charge which one assumes is payable to Microsoft only or am I missing something here?

  compumac 16:12 12 Oct 2014


I think that Amazon are the cheapest but looking through the comments there appear to be a lot of problems with installations from that source which is why I question as to how the subscription is managed from day one?

  compumac 16:47 12 Oct 2014

Just had a word with Microsoft as I am not understanding as to the purchase of Office 365 Personal from Amazon/A N Other or Microsoft and why customers of Amazon who have had problems being left out in the cold not only by Amazon but also by Microsoft.

Microsoft claim that by purchasing direct from them, your purchase details are recorded and they are able to assist in the event of a problem or in the situation where your PC crashes and you need a fresh installation. Whereas with a purchase through a third party, Microsoft do not have that detail!

I would accept that the adverse comments that have been made have been made by people with problems and that there are many more who are completely satisfied who do not comment.

I just do not wish to become one the problems but I always consider the possibility of a problem before it arises and try to avoid that scenario.

Any comments out there?

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