Win 7 64 bit photo editing suite

  Estuary 16:56 09 May 2010

Can anyone recommend a photo editing suite that will work with win 7 64 bit. I have looked at various photo websites and can’t seem to find any conclusive information.
With PCA and others now testing and listing win 7 64 PC’S , it is a bit disappointing to find that software choice is still a bit limited?
For now, all I want to do is to buy a reasonable editing suit for up to but not exceeding £100 ,that can do the usual plus handle Canon and Nikon Raw.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

  john bunyan 17:10 09 May 2010

I use (too expensive) Photoshop CS4 - about to upgrade to CS5. Even that installs in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Photoshop does not recognise Twain (scanner) drivers in 64 bit mode, so I scan in 32 bit and sometimes use the 64 bit version for photo editing. Quit honestly I would not worry too much about the small differences between the two for photo editing and I reccomend Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 (Around £70). There are other (even free) applications, but most magazines etc give PS a good rating, and if ever you want to upgrade, you will be used to the Photoshop software. IT handles raw see below:

click here

  john bunyan 17:12 09 May 2010

PS it installs and runs quite happily in a W7 64 bit system, as does other 32 bit software.

  john bunyan 17:20 09 May 2010

Also here:
click here

  jack 17:21 09 May 2010

Lack Software that will make use of the capabilities of 64bit.
I have a 64 bit MoBo configuration- XP Pro runs perfectly well on it, and I assume 64 bit O/S will be able to run 32 bit software also.
Certainly worth downloading trial version of Corel PaintShop for example[A Photoshop clone]
and some of the Serif range just to see what happens
You may be pleasantly surprised.
I feel that the software companies in gereal are not too interested in investing in 64 bit applications.

I started my computing career with and Atari ST series machine[Sixteen /Thirty two]
16bit bit software running through a 32bit buss - it was blistering fast.-- for the time - 30 years ago.

  Estuary 17:48 09 May 2010

Thanks for the info. I will have a good look at your suggestions.

  Proclaimer 10:04 10 May 2010

I use that on my Win 7 x64 box and it works perfectly.
You can buy that for under £50.00

  hssutton 19:20 10 May 2010

Canons free software runs perfectly in 64bit,apart from "Remote Capture" but that would not help with Neff files.

john bunyan Have you downloaded the CS5 trial?, It's pure whichcraft, but as you sat it costs a little more than £100

  john bunyan 19:46 10 May 2010

Have not yet downloaded the CS5 trial, but as I already have CS4, (had every version since PS3)I am about to order the update at about £180 I think - worth it for the "magic clone" that seems to magically remove unwanted objects far more easily than the existing method.Thanks for the heads up - I will order it very soon. Also it has had good reviews in a number of mags.

  john bunyan 19:49 10 May 2010

Estuary - sorry - not trying to hijack your thread but I would be grateful for hssutton's view - If one buys the CS5 upgrade do you install over the top of CS4 or uninstall it first (with Bridge)?

  hssutton 22:24 10 May 2010

Serif photoplus X3 is extremely good, especially at £60, but I'm not sure if it will run on 64bit, but is ok with Windows 7. You can email them here [email protected]

John I'm running the trial at the moment, so both CS4 & CS5 are loaded.I will be ordering CS5 in the next few days (it's cheaper than the download) I will then uninstall CS4 and just input the registration details into my trial version.

In the past when upgrading I've always uninstalled the previous version completely, that includes Bridge before commencing with the upgrade. Bridge in CS5 can be used as in CS4 or as a mini bridge within CS5.

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