WIN 10 download is it spread over a period of days

  bpzoom 17:37 02 Aug 2015

Having booked my WIN10 download months ago I am still waiting for the invitation to download. Is it likely to be a period of days or weeks? My location is UK. My neighbour has his download OK, but he was an insider.

  Govan1x 18:06 02 Aug 2015

Have a look at previous installed updates and see if you have any failed W10 updates. If so double click it and it will give you an error report.

  BT 18:24 02 Aug 2015

If you booked it and have the icon in the right hand side of your taskbar try clicking on it and you should get a box come up from where you can initiate the download. That's how I did it, but be warned allow plenty of time, mine took over 5 hours until it was finished and the Computer booted into the new system

  bpzoom 21:10 02 Aug 2015

Govan1x I have one failed W10 update because I tried to download it myself without waiting for the invitation. It downloaded OK but before it started to install W10 it warned me that if I continued to install it I might get a W10 system in a different language to my own. I aborted it. A double click on the gives an error code but as I aborted the installation I guess it is not relevant? BT, the icon is always there and when I click it it always says we will let you know when you are ready to receive the download. Dave13 No, I do not have AVAST on my machine.

  bpzoom 21:30 02 Aug 2015

Further, although I have no notification to download WIN10 on the icon, the installed updates page shows 2 failed automatic attempts to install WIN 10 on 2nd August, each failed with error code 802400200. Clicking on that code was not helpful.

  bpzoom 21:32 02 Aug 2015

Rdave I only have Windows Essentials, nothing else. That is apart from Malwarebytes and Spybot.

  bpzoom 21:37 02 Aug 2015

I checked on Defender and it is turned off on my machine. So only Essentials anti virus is operating.

  bpzoom 21:55 02 Aug 2015

I clicked on a error code help link which showed other people in the same boat as me. WIN10 is automatically trying to download and always fails, in my case 3 times. I am not causing these attempts to download it just comes with the automatic update option turned on. The error code 80240020 is unhelpful. Other advice is wait if necessary for weeks until the "Get WIN10" icon replies with an invitation to download. Very frustrating indeed.

  bpzoom 22:07 02 Aug 2015

OK I uninstalled SPYBOT as suggested and rebooted. Clicked the Get Win10 icon and it produced the same reply wait until we tell you etc etc.

  bpzoom 14:28 03 Aug 2015

rdave13, Many thanks for your help. I followed the links and carried out the suggestions therein, Windows 10 loaded in about 2 hours. I am very grateful to you. The past few hours have been trying to adjust to Edge instead of my beloved Chrome. A really big irritation is that unlike my neighbour's EDGE I have no "home" icon on the Edge page. I have to use back arrows to get to the home page. He has a little "hut" symbol to the right of the arrows. Mine is missing. I will persevere with Edge for a while.

  bpzoom 15:35 03 Aug 2015

Thanks, a few minutes after I posted I found the icon off in advanced settings. All is well again. Will probably persevere with Edge for a while and make a judgement whether to stay or revert to Chrome. Many thanks again for your wonderful help.

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