will whaterver happens policy cover spilt coke?

  SteevWatson 15:31 03 Apr 2012

Hi my son has just spilt coke onto my galaxy tab. I have whatever happens cover from currys. I can't find my paperwork at the moment do you think the accident will be covered under my policy?

Thanks Steve

  birdface 20:56 03 Apr 2012

Possibly but some firms only give you accidental damage for one year when you take out a 3 year warranty.

If so it would be your house insurance you would need to claim against.

I am sure someone will be able to give you the proper advice.

What happened to it.Did it get under the face of it and stained it.Or does it not work anymore.

  SteevWatson 21:27 03 Apr 2012

I'm not 100% sure what the whatever happens policy covers but I think it covers me for damage for the full policy.

the coke got inside the tab. it was running out of the charging port when I picked it up. The screen backlight was on but just black screen. I couldn't get the tab to power off so the battery just ran out eventually. I couldn't even open it up and take the battery out as it's a sealed unit.



  wee eddie 23:18 03 Apr 2012

While not wishing to suggest that all is not as it seems. I am not sure how you managed to get the Coke inside the Galaxy, in sufficient quantities, for it to run out of any Port.

I think that you may have difficulty persuading the Curries staff that just spilling Coke over it caused the problem that you appear to have.

  SteevWatson 23:48 03 Apr 2012

I'm not sure I like what you're implying but I can see where you are coming from. If I'm guilty of anything then it's exaggerating. The coke was dripping more than running some was definitely coming from the docking port and the tab is dead.



  Forum Editor 01:07 04 Apr 2012

The position with regard to your 'whatever happens' cover is far from clear.

On the one hand the terms and conditions say you are covered for:-

Breakdown caused by mishaps

and yet there is a clear disclaimer in the terms that says built in batteries are not covered. There's also an exclusion clause which states that you are not covered for "The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product"

I may be wrong, but I'm guessing that spilling Coke all over a product qualifies as 'neglect' under that clause. I suggest that you find out by speaking to Currys.

  SteevWatson 20:53 07 May 2012

just a quick update. Whatever happens accepted my repair without question. They collected the tablet from my home and then informed me they couldn't fix it. I received vouchers for £350 which is £50 less then I paid but I can live with that. I did get the tablet almost 18 months ago. I went into currys today for my replacement and staff were very helpful. I decided I wanted to get the Transformer Prime but it is out of stock in my area. I just wish there was some way to use the voucher on their website as the Prime is available for delivery.



  spuds 11:08 08 May 2012

Did you not request that the store obtain the item for you. When I wanted an item that a PCW/Currys store did not have, they did a simple computer check, which resolved the problem.

The other action is to use the internet website and see if there is a telesales customer service phone number, which might be able to arrange things?.

  SteevWatson 20:40 08 May 2012

I asked in the store if they could order one for me or let me know when they would be in stock. The guy said he couldn't order me one because the company has no stock. I asked if he could contact me when stock is available but he said no that the only way to find out was to keep checking the website and reserve and collect when stock shows up. I'm going to call whatever happens tomorrow and see if they could sort it for me.



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