Will removing a laptop hard drive mean I can give it to charity safely

  teedee8888 16:24 03 Nov 2014

I wish to donate 2 old, but working laptops to charity. What I need to know is in 2 parts.....1. How do I remove the hard drive 2, Will doing so mean all my information/logins/passwords etc are removed with it...



  spuds 17:03 03 Nov 2014

If you are going to donate the two working laptops, then removing the hard-drive will make the laptops useless and perhaps not worth anything to anyone, except for spare parts or scrap.

What you might want to consider, is trying out CCleaner, and making attempts at wiping the hard-drives using that program.

  The Kestrel 18:49 03 Nov 2014

If you follow the instructions in this article click here it will totally erase all the data on the hard drives. You can then safely donate working laptops to charity.

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