Will new sony vaio be better than my old one?

  elephant2 22:47 26 May 2014

I’m looking at upgrading my 5 year old laptop (Sony Vaio VGN NS30Z) originally costing £650, because it’s battery no longer holds charge and the mouse buttons don’t always work. I only really use it for surfing the web watching bbc iplayer, typing documents and burning CDs. After considering all the options and with my basic knowledge I think a Sony Vaio Fit 15E (SVF1521E7E) costing £479 would do everything I want and I am told Sony is still a good, reliable brand.

However looking at the specs on the sony website the SVF’s screen resolution is a tiny bit bigger and it has bluetooth and 1.5hrs more battery life, but other than that the spec’s look about the same. So did I have an exceptionally good laptop which is still fairly good compared with today’s market? Or am I reading the specs wrong? Basically, will I notice any difference between the VGN NS30Z and the SVF1521E7E?

  RTrower 01:15 27 May 2014

For the utility you claim to require, would you notice a significant difference? No... Not really.

From what you've stated, you don't strike me as a gamer... Neither do you cast the shadow of a photographer, designer, web developer or video editor.

You're burning music CDs, web surfing and doing a bit of word processing. For these items alone, there might be a microseconds difference in processing time, but that's a microsecond no human brain could record in real life terms.

We're consumers by nature and whether it's peer pressure, clever online/televised marketing, or indeed, all of the above, you start to feel like you've got to update in this day and age, whether it's necessary or not.

Frankly... If you're software hasn't been made redundant and if you can still operate within the bounds of your own requirements on a functional level, within an acceptable time frame, I wouldn't bother upgrading.

An extra 1.5 hours battery life and bluetooth is handy, but is it essential to you? Ask yourself that and you'll have the answer best suited to you.

Is this new Sony computer better? Of course it is... A lot better. It's chipset is newer and there's a lot more data being thrown around and you've got a larger screen... But what do you need it for? Unless you want to pursue other creative endeavours or recreational hobbies, I'd put your money into something nicer, like a holiday or a nice meal for someone special.

Hope this helps and please don't think I'm being condescending. I just know what its like to blow money on unnecessary upgrades, but in my case... I've wasted tens of thousands.

  onthelimit1 08:56 27 May 2014

I'd buy a new battery and a USB mouse - 50 quid total!



  alanrwood 09:31 27 May 2014

Good advice above in both replies.

  elephant2 10:33 27 May 2014

Thanks for the replies they were kind of what I was expecting. You're right I don't game and only look at photos off my phone so I don't need anything special thats why I'd started to question whether I needed to upgrade. As you say it is the draw of having a shiny new laptop that is really inviting. But you may have swayed me into keeping my old one for a while longer. I had already looked at new batteries for my old laptop, so maybe a battery and a holiday it will be. :-)

  RTrower 02:44 28 May 2014

Cool beans. Glad I didn't come across as a douche.

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